Monday, January 16, 2012

Lisa Dale - A Little Contest To Celebrate My New Release

Happy New Year!

Hope your 2012 has got off to a beautiful start, with a fresh burst of optimism and many things to look forward to as the year goes on.

I'm having an especially nice new year because I've just released a new book, A Promise of Safekeeping!

Keep reading to see if this is the kind of story you're in the mood for.

A Promise of Safekeeping is a story of how the human spirit triumphs over darkness--even over itself.

Nine years ago, Lauren Matthews prosecuted the case of a lifetime. But her error in judgment sent an innocent man to prison. Now Arlen Fieldstone’s finally been released, and Lauren has only one thing on her mind: asking forgiveness. But how can she make up for nine years of his life?

To get to Arlen, Lauren must first get through Arlen’s best friend, Will Farris. Will hasn’t forgotten Lauren from those days, and hasn’t forgiven her for destroying his best friend’s life. He is Arlen’s keeper—protecting him from suspicious neighbors as well as from Lauren.

In the steaming summer streets of Richmond, Virginia, three people’s lives collide. Lauren needs forgiveness. Arlen needs hope. And Will? He needs something too, something that no one can know—especially not Lauren…

I'm really excited to share this book with you. As I wrote, the characters became deeper and deeper, the story taking on new shades and was mesmerizing. I hope it will be the same for you.

Will might actually be my favorite hero ever. He’s strong on the surface, but he has a deep vulnerability that I can’t give away here. When the book opens, every woman he’s ever dated has run away from him. He is wary of Lauren at first—with good reason, since she put his best friend in jail. But when he warms to her, he begins to wonder if she might be the one woman who is strong enough to bear his secret, if he can bring himself to tell it.

There's a second love story in A Promise of Safekeeping too. It's between Arlen (the ex con), and the wife who divorced him when he was pronounced guilty. Although it seems as if his wife gave up on him, there’s hope: As much as Arlen is thinking about Eula, she’s thinking about him too.

To celebrate the release of my new book, I'm giving away a copy of Slow Dancing on Price's Pier, my release from last year that was a Top Pick and Barnes & Noble and Bookpage magazine. U.S. addresses only, please.

To enter, just answer this question:

In A Promise of Safekeeping, Will is an antiques collector. What do you collect?

Good wishes for every blessing in the New Year,

Lisa Dale


Linda Henderson said...

I collect postcards, especially lighthouse ones. I have never seen a lighthouse in person but I've always been fascinated by them. Your book sounds very intriguing and I would love to read it.

seriousreader at live dot com

Krystal Shannan said...

I collect geckos. Glass, pottery, magnets, anything I come across with lots of color. Your book sounds really good. I don't usually read contemporary, but it caught my interest.

Krystal Shannan

ev said...

Antique teapots and teacups/saucers. Most of mine have been passed down thru the family.

Concert t-shirts. hundreds, literally. I used to collect signed books, but with an ereader, the autographs make it very hard to read the screen, so what I have started collecting is the postcards or covers that authors sign and gathering them for framing (once I get my office done, I can hang them).

Rescued cats, dogs and dust bunnies. Do they count?

runner10 said...

I collect Christmas ornaments from places we visit. I wish I would have started this earlier.

Virginia said...

I collect thimbles from different places but I don't have many. Use to collect pigs but I have so many of them I went to thimbles.


petite said...

I collect small watches that are unique and lightweight.

Kathleen O said...

I like to collect cups and saucers and Angels and anything with Hearts...

traveler said...

I collect glass figurines from Italy.

Jean P said...

I collect Christmas ornaments, garden flags and anything that has an Akita on it.

skpetal at hotmail dot com

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Great post Lisa, Like Will I collect antique furniture, glass and silver.

Debby said...

Sounds wonderful!
I collect dragons and rocks and minerals
debby236 at gmail dot com

Theresa N. said...

I collect christmas village houses and all the extras. I'd love to collect other things but every time I try I end up with way to much. My house is filled with antiques and reproductions but I don't think of it as collecting to my it's just the way I choose to live.
Theresa N

MaryC said...

I collect dragons and crystals.

Renee said...

I collect old books that are as beautiful outside as inside.

Michele L. said...

I am collector of scrapbooking stuff. I love all the pretty papers, stickers, stamp pad colors, inks, pens, markers, embellishments, ribbons, etc. I make tons of cards with my awesome collection and sell them and a gift shop nearby. It is a hobby I have enjoyed for many years.

Pat Cochran said...

I collect rosaries, carousel horses. sports memorabilia, turtles, eagles,
angels, cookbooks, Santas, author swag,
and books. Lots of books, especially
autographed books!

Pat Cochran

Leni said...

I collect pens. Didn't even know I had so many, but there are a bunch of selections in each room :)

Lisa Dale said...

Hi all! Thanks for entering!

how interesting to learn what everyone collect! Really diverse things.

I selected a random winner: petite!

Please email your address to me at

Thanks everyone!