Thursday, January 26, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty

With the release of the fourth Dreg City book, WRONG SIDE OF DEAD, fast approaching, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about one of my favorite things in the world: cats.

Yes, I said cats.  Cats are wonderful.  I've had a feline fur-baby in my life almost constantly for the last twenty years. They are beautiful, smart, sassy, and make terrific lap warmers on cold winter nights.  But house cats aren't quite the focus of this topic. I want to narrow it down to an even more specific kind of cat—were-cats.  Shapeshifters.  Specifically, the Felia Clan.

Fans of the Dreg City series know that, aside from were-osprey Phineas, we haven't seen much of the various shapeshifter Clans yet—but that changes in WSOD.  You get to meet a were-dingo, several were-bears, a were-ferret (don't laugh), and (*drumroll*) were-CATS! 

Who doesn't love were-cats?  Big, burly men who shift into gorgeous tigers?  Or sexy females who shift into a lovely lynx?  And besides the sleek prettiness of a Big Cat, they are ferocious in battle.  Have you ever seen an Animal Planet special in which a lion takes down a gazelle?  Dude…

But back to the book….teaming up with the Clans isn't easy for Evangeline Stone or any of her human friends,  and neither is sharing command with a were-jaguar named Astrid Dane.  She's tough, stubborn (sound like anyone you know?), but slow to temper (unlike someone you know).  She's also joined by her brother, Marcus Dane.  What do you need to know about Marcus?  He's hot, alpha-tempered, Astrid's second-in-command, and he shifts into a huge black jaguar.  Astrid and Marcus also share a bit of a complicated past with ex-Hunter (and human) Tybalt Monahan.

As a long-time fan of this moderately neglected species of shifters, I was eager to bring were-cats into the forefront of the Dreg City books, and WSOD gave me a terrific opportunity to do so.  For those who've read ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD (Dreg City 3), you know that things changed.  A lot.  And WSOD is the aftermath book, where new alliances are formed, friends become enemies, and a whole lot of questions finally get answered.

And if the inclusion of two were-cats to the corral of Dreg City residents isn't enough to entice you to read, I have one more hyphenated word for you: were-seals (not the military kind).


So who is your favorite were-critter in literature?



@djlatty1 said...

I have always wanted to see a story involving a were-creature that was a person that turned into a horse or half horse...

Barbara E. said...

I like dragon shifters, and were panthers are so sleek and sexy, yum.

Barbara said...

I'm with you, girlfriend...I LOVE cat shifters too...lion, tiger, jag, panther...they're all SEXY/BEAUTIFUL! Since I moved from my parents house...I've ALWAYS had a cat too, I just LOVE them. Currently, I have (or rather she has me) a beautiful little 16 yr old white princess with gorgeous green eyes. We've had the pleasure of her company since she was about 3 months old. And most days...any time I'm sitting down, her ever sleepy self is usually curled up on my lap...snoring. And I wouldn't have it any other way! :D

marybelle said...

DRAGONS, of course. The powerful, beautiful kind.

Renee said...

I'm a cat shifter lover. Doesn't matter what kind of cat, just as long as it is a cat. I also have a thing about wolves but not as much!

Michele L. said... the cat shifters! I think cats are gorgeous and very powerful. They make great alpha heroes!