Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My favourtie spirit of Christmas -- Community spirit by Michelle Styles

Christmas in the UK wouldn't be Christmas without a ghost story or two. The most famous is Dickens A Christmas Carol. But with his three spirits, Dickens tapped into the true spirit of Christmas -- the Community  Spirit. And whether you believe in ghosts or not, the Community Spirit is always alive and out walking at Christmas time.
You can see it in so many ways -- both great and small. From the person who hangs lights up so that passersby get to see a pretty scene or the person who scatters birdseed on a snowy morning  for the starving  sparrows to the larger efforts such as the singing of carols in hospitals or nursing homes, or the organising of hot meals for the homeless to the even larger efforts where gifts that make a difference are to donated to the disadvantaged of the world. For example cows or beehives to third world families or shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts to orphanages in Bosnia.  And the things people do now in this season has an impact far beyond and can change lives forever, just as Scrooge was able to change lives.
And seeing Community spirit in action is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. I hope it is one of yours as well.
What are your favourite examples of Christmas Community Spirit?

And because the Harlequin Historical Authors thought it would be fun, we got together and have devised a Harlequin Historical Advent calendar. Each day a different author hosts the calendar and gives away a small gift. My day is 20 December. Everyone who enters gets put in for the grand prize draw of a kindle 3-g which will be drawn on 23rd Dec. In this way, we are hoping a few people's Christmas will be that little bit merrier. You can see the full list of places and terms and conditions here.

Also today 15 December is the annual Eharlequin Open House.  If you want to stop by the Historical thread and leave a comment, I know there are a number of books up for grabs.

Michelle Styles writes historical romance for Harlequin Historical. Her latest US releases is a Regency duo A Question of Impropriety and Impoverished Miss Convenient Wife. A free online serial His Stand In Bride is currently running on eharlequin.


Leni said...

People in the community make a point in making sure that people don't spend Christmas alone and invite them to events and make sure that everything is going well.

Dina said...

I've been having fun traveling with the calendar.

Pat Cochran said...

Thanks for the reminder, I've just been over to the eHarlequin site
to visit with those participating
in the Open House!

Pat Cochran

Christina Hollis said...

I love the beehive scheme, too, Michelle.
Closer to home, I think keeping an eye on neighbours and shovelling snow will be community action points this Christmas!