Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happily-ever-after…For Real - Lisa Dale

If I’d been a heroine in a romance novel when I was in my early twenties, I would have been the stubborn girl who vowed never to get married. Who put work and friends waaaaay before love. Who’d seen so many marriages break up that promising forever was as realistic as promising to sprout wings.
By the time I’d met my guy (when I was 21), I’d sworn off men for good in terms of real, meaningful romance. Of course, I’d sworn off men for good just about every other day that year, and yet I just couldn’t stop crossing my fingers that I’d meet “the one.”
I read romance novels by the dozens—the romantic in me needed something, and college guys weren’t it. I loved the idea of love—but it made more sense in novels than in real life. I vowed: No more dating for a while. Not ‘til I met someone who was worth going on a date with. And certainly, no more sports fans or business majors. They were off the list.
Then—there was Matt. At the bar with mutual, childhood friends (how had we never met before?). And of course, he was a sports fan and a business major. Totally off limits—but totally cute. I couldn’t help myself. I flirted with him a little, but I didn’t give him my number. I maintained self-control. Until his kindness, persistence, confidence, and soft heart won me over. Then, all bets were off.
Now, almost ten years after our first date, Matt and I just set a date to get married (July 2 of next year). And the little girl who never thought she’d find someone so perfect for her has grown up to be a woman who lives in constant gratitude for love that, at times, seems nothing shy of miraculous.
Now, we’re doing the fun stuff—picking out rings, calling DJs, and soon I get to go dress shopping. It all feels like something out of a dream!
And as for romance novels? I liked them before, when I didn’t know what this kind of love was. But now that I know firsthand, there’s so much more to appreciate.
SHOUT OUT TO READERS: What role have romances played in your life?

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practimom said...

Well, i did not start reading romances until last year (year 9 in my marriage), but as i read them i see the love of the characters have for each other and i love my hubby, i just try to make sure the little things i can do to make our lives a little better, more flowy.

Michele L. said...

I have always loved romance novels. I started out with Victoria Holt and Phyllis A. Whitney's novels. My favorite romance novels are the humorous ones.

Lot's of times, the romance stories I have read have great tips on how to make love to your man. I love those books! We have fun and he loves me for reading them!

runner10 said...

Romance stories are a wonderful way to escape from a stressful day at work or home. It is great to think there may be a happily ever after.