Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Linda Conrad - One part Internet, one part Sheiks, Stir in Cheetos

You may wonder what the heck the above three things have in common. Well, sadly they have all been a big part of my life over the last few weeks.

I am starting a brand new series for Silhouette Romantic Suspense next month called Desert Sons. The first book, out in July, is HER SHEIK PROTECTOR. It’s an international romantic thriller, which many of you know is not my usual style. But it’s a book I have been waiting a lifetime to tell. The series revolves around a family of Bedouins who find themselves embroiled in an bitter war of revenge with an ancient enemy. It’s a fantasy adventure set in the modern world. With an old-time Hollywood noir feeling, HER SHIEK PROTECTOR is the story of an independent woman who ends up in the middle of a dangerous family feud. I love it.

Starting a new series is always a tense time for me. Will the readers like the first book? Will they want to read the next books in the series? Can I get the word out about my new book in time before it disappears from the shelves?

I’ve been working on a new website design that better captures the feeling of my new series in hopes of getting the word out. That’s been more work than I could’ve ever imagined. And guess what? The community where I live decided to change their Internet provider this month. Kick out the old guys and bring in the new. Only the new can’t quite make their system work all the time. In fact, out of the last few weeks, we’ve only had service about a quarter of the time. Gasp! It’s been one stress-filled month for me, running down to the library to send messages to my webmaster, and then holding on the phone for the new service people to tell me they’re “working on it.”

So after six months of dieting and exercising, losing fifteen hard-earned pounds, I am now stuffing in the junk food while I sit and stare at an empty screen. That’s where the Cheetos come in. They’ve been a favorite stress releaser of mine since childhood. Also a favored method of gaining weight. Sigh. (for people in other parts of the world: Cheetos are cheese-flavored crisps- really greasy, salty and messy)

I think I need a new junk food. Have any ideas for me? I know some of you from countries besides the U.S. have special favorite treats. What are they called? And all of you from different parts of the U.S.: what’s your favorite junk these days? Do they still eat moon pies in the south? Yum.

Leave a comment and win a copy of HER SHEIK PROTECTOR. Linda’s dog, KiKi the adorable, will pick a winner from all the comments left before Wednesday, June 23rd.
We have a winner! Please check my comment. Thanks to everyone!

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Laney4 said...

I lost 25 lb and gained back "a bunch" (I refused to get on the scale) in January, as we ate out a lot and I had more alcohol than usual (I usually have 2-3 drinks per year, and outdid my yearly quota apparently). I now am at the 22 lb mark instead.

I love chips. I call them my dessert now since I try not to snack in the evenings. And I wouldn't want to go without dessert!

I also bake a lot of brownies for my family. I'm sure they aren't great for us, but boy do they taste great!

I buy salted peanuts (why buy unsalted?) and have them occasionally too.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you -- this time.

Have a great day.

Linda Conrad said...

Hey Laney4!
Salt and grease? Yep! That's the right stuff.
And who wouldn't love brownies? Think I'll make some tonight.

Caroline said...

Cheesecake is my vice! Caroline. Or failing that peanuts and crisps!

CrystalGB said...

Hi Linda. My favorite snacks currently are kettle chips and ice cream.
Yes, we still eat moon pies. I had one a few weeks ago. I love them. :)

Linda Conrad said...

Ohh, cheesecake. Caroline, I try to count that only as desert. (sure) :))

Linda Conrad said...

Moon pies! I used to love those, crystalb. However, I love kettle chips and some ice cream almost as much. Unfortunately for my weight.

Denise said...

Hi Linda! Congrats on losing the 15 pounds! And I can't wait to read The Sheik Protector...I love Sheik books!

I love Cheetos and kettle chips, too, and really all kinds of junk food. Unfortunately for me, though, I don't have a very fast I've learned to either just not buy any junk food or get lower fat alternatives. My favorites are dark chocolate (fiber and technically it's good for you...=)), Baked Cheetos, Sun Chips, Ben and Jerry's Frozen Yogurt, Chex Mix, Snyder's Pretzel Pieces, and baked kettle chips (both Cape Cod and Kettle Chips are great, though Cape Cod only has unflavored baked chips). Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Vegetable chips and popcorn are good. Cookies and anything in the sweet group are my favorite snacks. I usually bake all of my desserts. Ellie Krieger has a lot of healthy recipes and good substitutes for the junk food. I don't know if she's still on Food Network, but she has cookbooks.

Pat Cochran said...

I "skied" up to an outlandish weight,was hospitalized for food poisoning, and diagnosed with Diabetes 2. This was in September 2004. I've lost a total of 57 pounds with those 7 lbs. yo-yoing up and down. I'm at a loss of 53lbs at the moment. Holidays are
troublesome times for me, all that
great food! Snacks and food, glorious food !

Pat Cochran

Linda Conrad said...

Helps, Denise? OMG. You just made me hungry! :))

Linda Conrad said...

a substitute for junk food? Hmm. Yes, I want to be healthy, Leni. And yes, I do want to keep the weight off. But really, there is no substitute for fattening things.

Linda Conrad said...

I'm impressed, Pat. Amazing weight loss. And you've kept most of it off. Good for you!
But junk is hard to resist, isn't it?

Estella said...

My favorite snack foods are salted peanuts, ice cream and jelly beans.

Linda Conrad said...

Hi Estella! I think my favorite nuts are cashews or maybe macadamias. Bit it's all about the salt. :))
And jelly beans! Oh yeah. The red ones.

Carol L. said...

Hi Linda,
Was just at the web site, nice. :) My favorite junk food is actually chips mixed with thin pretzel sticks. Love the salt and grease together with a large glass of Pepsi..darn, I don't have any in the house now. lol lol. And I love brown licorice sticks...
Look forward to reading Her Shek Protector.
Carol L.

chey said...

My favourite snack is peanuts and almonds. I was on a no additive diet for a year so I got used to not having salted ones..

Linda Conrad said...

Tks for checking out the website for me Carol L! And licorce is a whole other story. Love it.

Linda Conrad said...

No additives, Chey? I'm sitting here trying to picture what that could mean. I get the salt, but I thought all our foods had additives these days. I applaud you for sticking with it.

Mary said...

Ohhh my favorite junk food is chocolate truffles. I just love those chocolates, but don't eat too many of

Besides that I like cheesecake, and starbucks Frappuccinos. But since they charge so much for them I only have one every other month..

Laurie said...

My favorite snack chocolate! Toll House semi sweet morsels or plain M&M's.

Closely followed by ice cream and finally Cheetos!

I have to exercise to keep my weight down. I walk and swim.

Linda Conrad said...

Hi Mary, Ah yes, truffles are the best. Unfortunately I have a Godiva store near me. :))

Linda Conrad said...

Good for you, Laurie, on the exercise. I take a Tai Chi class twice a week and we also do light weights. Plus, I have KiKi the adorable to walk twice a day -- or run as the case may be. :))

Linda Conrad said...

Just drew a winner! Laney4 is the winner today. Email at with your snail address so I can send your book.

Thanks, all, for your comments. I think I gained 10 lbs just reading them. :))

Laney4 said...

Hi (again), Linda!

I just popped my email off to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I read SLOW DANCING WITH A TEXAN recently and just loved it (as evidenced by the fact I couldn't put it down until I finished the last page!) I am just about to start reading BETWEEN STRANGERS, so I should finish it tonight. And now I am looking forward to reading HER SHEIK PROTECTOR! Life is good!

I hope life is good for you too.