Monday, June 21, 2010

Double the Fun! - Natalie Anderson

Late last year I was given the lovely opportunity to write a couple of linked books. While I've written books in the past featuring characters who'd appeared as minor characters in other books, this was my first 'scheduled duet' - where the books would come out in consecutive months and have their own little tag line to connect them.
My editor suggested I have the link between the two heroes - apparently readers are fond of this - but other than that, I could do whatever. I was very excited because seriously, one of the best things about this job (if not the best) is creating a to-die-for hero - so getting to do two at once? Bliss!!!

Deciding on how the guys were connected was the first big issue. Were they family? Brothers, half brothers, secret brothers, cousins, foster brothers... or were they best friends, business partners, enemies... did they play on the same sporting team? At what stage in their lives did they meet? Honestly, I had so much fun toying with different combinations and working out how these two knew each other and giving them a backstory that would showcase their different qualities.

Because of course, the real trick is to make them equally attractive (like Brad and George up in that piccie!). Usually in a story you have a hero and a sidekick. In this scenario you have two heroes - one of them just has to be a bit patient. And he's not allowed to take over the first ones' story! That was definitely something I had to watch. But eventually I got there with Alex and Lorenzo and I have to admit they're two of my favourite heroes to date. Alex is the heir to a big banking business - and has some pressure to bear there, while Lorenzo has come from a past with a few brushes with the law and he still gets bitten by the graffiti bug - but he owns the fences now!

I'd love to give away a copy of the HOT UNDER THE COLLAR: NAUGHTY NIGHTS WITH THE BOSS duet to a reader! To be in to win, just comment below telling us about some of the other connected books you've read - do you like the ones where it is the heroes or heroines who are connected, and do you like ones about family dynasties or friends in business perhaps?

***edited to add: I've done the draw guys, and pleased to say Alison has won the books!!! Please email me Alison so I can get them in the post to you - my email is in the comments :)

Both Caught on Camera with the CEO and Unbuttoned by her Maverick Boss are available from Mills & Boon UK now and on the shelves there in June/July. Visit Natalie's website for more information on her other books!


TashNz75 said...

I have Miranda Lee's series Hot Blooded Husbands series. The characters are linked. Two sheik half brothers and a business partner makes up the third book.

In the interest of perhaps winning a book, I'll share LOL... when I was younger and before I entered the working world I really liked the whole boss secretary thing because it was like someone ordinary being noticed and living happily every after.

When I entered the working world and realised this was so unrealistic (apart from Rob Fyfe, CEO's just dont seem to be that good looking)my fave stories are the "so never going to happen to me" ones where there's handsome sheiks who whisk you away to their totally beautiful (and unterrorist) world :) They have squillions so the heroine will live so happy ever after and not be one of a large harem due to modernisation of the eastern world ;p

I am starting to get tired of the poor virgins who get pregnant after one night that normally wouldnt have happened if Alexandro didnt give her the look from across the room lol... I know this is an escape from reality but it's almost EVERY story now...

In terms of connections the ex wives/husbands are always good stories because the connection is alreay their and rehashing the past adds to the drama and you want them to win and live happily ever after... after they've hit some bumps of cours.

But alas after the hot sheiks the Italians/Spaniards etc with the beautiful names that just roll off the tounge...their stories are my next favourite... and OMG they look totally like the Portugal FIFA World Cup team *heart skips a beat*... did anyone notice the FIFA Italians have names like Leandro... Ricardo... Oh yes! I'm liking the world cup :):):)


Alison said...

I read the 2005? series of 16 linked Regencies by HMB. I have to say I thought 16 was a few too many! - the next series, silk and Scandal, is 8 which seems a bit more manageable. I ejoy linked stories but I do need something that comes up with flashing lights saying 'Don't pass this on after reading since there is a linked title coming out soon and you'll go mad when you realise you can't remember what happened in the first book that everyone is going to allude to!'

Helen said...

I really like linked books and for me either the heros or heroines linked is fine by me and I love the family dynasty ones as well. I am reading a set now Billionaires and Babies from desire by Maxine Sullivan, Robyn Grady and Paula Roe and loving them

Have Fun

Laney4 said...

I'm finding it VERY difficult to focus on your blog, what with that gorgeous picture of Gorgeous George. That is a nice pic of him; thanks for sharing! I could go on and on about his well-made suit making his shoulders look ever so wonderful, the suit's great colour, how well the suit fits ALL of him, or even the hint of a belt. Have I mentioned that I love George Clooney? Ahhhh.

I digress (as I often do when George is involved). I am not into the "connected" books so much. I'm okay if I happen to have them in front of me in the right order, mind you. In fact, I just read Josie Metcalfe's recent trilogy and loved every book. I prefer that each book is a stand-alone book, and hers were, but it is nice to have a common thread, as it were. I have read a series where you HAVE to read the books in order, and I just hated it. I don't have the memory for them, especially when I read dozens (if not hundreds) of books in-between each book in the series.

I hope this makes sense. I'm a tad rattled still with visions of something better than sugar plums dancing in my head....

Denise said...

Hi Natalie! I'm a huge fan of your books ("Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress" is my favorite), and I can't wait for "To Love, Honor and Disobey" to come out in the US!!

I absolutely love linked books - it always makes me happy to see beloved heros/heroines from previous books again. Some of my favorite linked books: Anne McAllister's Greek books, which link more than one family; Jane Porter's most recent Sheikh trilogy, which is linked because the heros are brothers; Olivia Gates' Throne of Judar and Castaldini Crown trilogies; and Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Chicago Stars books. I also love mini-series written by different authors (Dark Hearted Desert Men, Royal House of Karedes, etc)!

Mary said...

I loved a series called Long Tall Texans by Diana Palmer. They were all brother's and each book incorporated the brother's lives. It was a lot of fun to read.

I do like linked books, it makes it seem like you get to know the whole family.

Jane said...

I love connected stories, doesn't matter if they're connected through families or friends of the hero and heroine.

Estella said...

I love connected books.One I really enjoy is the Stone Creek series by Linda Lael Miller.

flchen1 said...

I love connected stories! Family connections are always fun, or ones where it's a circle or group of friends. The Bridgertons (Julia Quinn) and the Quinns (or any number of families as written by Nora Roberts) are some family faves, while Lucy Monroe and Alison Kent have written some fun ones where the main characters are connected by their line of work or place of work :)

Congrats on your latest, Natalie--they sound good!

Natalie Anderson said...

LOL guys - great responses - thank you (And Laney4 yes, I find that pic quite distracting too).

Have done the random draw and pleased to say Alison you won the books! Please email me - with your postal address so I can get them to you :)

Happy reading everyone!