Monday, November 02, 2009

Recommended Reads -- Susanna Carr

I’m participating in the reading challenge and my personal goal is 100 books. If I make it, it’ll be close! I just passed the 80 mark.

One of the things I’ve noticed since I took this challenge is that I get on reading kicks. For example, last month I read Harlequin Presents almost exclusively. There are a few I’d like to recommend:

The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess by Chantelle Shaw. I adored Kitty and Nikos. Their strengths and vulnerabilities really made me care about them. And the passion between them had me turning the pages as fast as I could!

Kept for Her Baby by Kate Walker. This is a very intense love story! I was so deep into the story that I didn’t come up for air until the very end.

The Sicilian's Virgin Bride by Sarah Morgan. I’ve been glomming Sarah Morgan all year –both her Presents and Medicals. This book is my favorite so far. How much did I enjoy it? I re-read it several times this month!

Duty, Desire and the Desert King by Jane Porter is a sensual treat. Rou is my kind of heroine! She has a very scientific approach and Zayed was once a hopeless romantic. He brings the passion, color and hunger back into her life.

What about you? What did you read recently that you can recommend?


cheryl c said...

There are so many great new books out there, but I find myself reading previous years' books that I missed the first time around. I just finished Nora Roberts' MONTANA SKY, and now I am in the midst of Candace Camp's MATCHMAKER series. All of this has been great reading so far.

Linda Henderson said...

Well I recently read the Time Raiders series from the Nocturne line and they were great. Also read the Diamonds and Daddies line from Intrigue and loved them too. I'm starting a Carly Phillips book right now.

Emmanuelle said...

Just read Nora Roberts' Bed of Roses last night and it was perfect.
Thanks for your recommendations ;-)

Lynz Pickles said...

I've been reading a lot of Presents lately, too. Kept for Her Baby was just wonderful, wasn't it? It and Sara Craven's Ruthless Awakening were my favourite October Presents titles. (Though I haven't read them all yet, so I might soon find more faves!) And I just finished Sabrina Phillips' January release, (I won a copy of it a few weeks back) which was really good. Though the fact that the cover model is blonde when the heroine is clearly a redhead was a bit confusing.

I felt the opposite way about Chantelle Shaw's book - if I hadn't been reading a digital copy, I would've thrown it at the wall many, many times. I hated Nikos with a passion I haven't felt in ages. I'm glad you liked it, though; disliking a book that much isn't a very pleasant feeling!

Kate Walker said...

OH thank you Susanna - I just came back to check on my winners for my blog yesterday and found your lovely recommendation for Kapt For Her Baby. Thank you! It's always extra special when a fellow Romance writer enjoyed your work.

And Lynz - thanks to you too. I love it when readers enjoy my books too!


Susanna Carr said...

Cheryl, Candace Camp is a new name for me. I'll have to find out more!

Linda, I haven't read any Nocturnes yet. Maybe I should try one of the Bites first.

Emmanuelle, I've heard good things about Bed of Roses!

Lynz -- How crazy is it that we both enjoyed one book and had very different reactions with another? I guess that's one of the great things about a line - there's something for everyone!

Kate -- it's my pleasure. I've been telling everyone I know to pick up a copy of Kept for Her Baby.

Alison said...

I just finished Stephanie Laurens' 'To Distraction' and enjoyed it. I have her 'mastered by Love' to read next, on a train journey, which will give me several hours of peace!

lindseye said...

Just read the Pamela Palmer trilogy Desire Untamed, Obsession Untamed and Passion Untamed which were fun.