Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Releases & Upcoming Books for the TBR - Nalini Singh

On November the 3rd, I have not one but two releases.

Blaze of Memory continues the Psy/Changeling series and it’s set in the world of the Forgotten - Psy who rebelled rather than embrace Silence (a protocol that erases emotion). A hundred years after their defection, the Forgotten are finding strange new abilities in their population. But, along with those gifts…come deadly costs.

Then, we have the mass market release of the An Enchanted Season anthology, which features my novella, “Beat of Temptation.”

I hope you enjoy both! The links will take you to the backcover blurbs, as well as to full chapter excerpts.

Now, onto today’s topic – all the other great books coming out in the next few months that I’m looking forward to. Here are just a few of the things on my list in no particular order.

Patricia Briggs – Silver Borne
Jayne Castle – Midnight Crystal
Anne Bishop – Shalador’s Lady
JD Robb – Fantasy in Death & Kindred In Death
Julie James – Something About You
Lora Leigh – Lion’s Heat

I could keep going, but I’ll force myself to stop there! So, what’re you all looking forward to?

Everyone who leaves a comment in the next 24 hours goes into the draw to win a copy of the Must Love Hellhounds anthology, which features “Angels’ Judgment,” a novella set in my Guild Hunter universe.



Linda Henderson said...

I have really been looking forward to your Blaze of Memory. I also am waiting for the new J.D. Robb books. And I love holiday books so I'm always on the lookout for holiday books.

CrystalGB said...

I am looking forward to reading your Blaze of Memory and Keri Arthur's Bound to Shadows.

Virginia said...

I am looking forward to the up and coming Holiday books. I love to read them. It kind of puts me in the mood for the holidays.

Dorthy said...

I already picked up the books I was saving up for in Nov. But four other books that I'm saving up for that are coming out in 2010 are:

Silver Borne Patricia Briggs
Death's Mistress Karen Chance
ShadowFever Karen Marie Moning
Moon Sworn Keri Arthur

There are many many more on my list, but those are the 4 that are at the forefront of my mind right now.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Nalini,

Our eldest grandchild is away at
college and we are looking forward
to her first visit at Thanksgiving.

We are looking towards the coming
holidays and all the happy family gatherings.

I personally am looking forward to
making inroads into my TBR "stack."
I daily listen for the sound of
it tumbling down! It's teetering
on the brink as we "speak!"

Pat Cochran

Cathy M said...

Great list, Nalini. I've already ordered Blaze of Memory and JD's new release. Also looking forward to Sarah McCarty's, Wild Instinct and LKH's, Divine Misdemeanor's.

Alison said...

Well, I'm British, so I'm looking forward to 5 November and Guy Fawkes' Night!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Nalini, I'm definitely looking forward to enjoying some family time with the holidays coming up! And hopefully some time to read some of the books on my TBR! ;) Naturally there'll be chances to add to it as well :D

Estella said...

I'm looking forward to JD Robb's Kindred In Death.

dobby said...

Definitely looking forward to more Eve and Roarke! And more of Mercy and Adam. Love these characters.

RachieG said...

Yeah talk about a ton of new...Good books comin' out huh? I can't wait until I can read your new release...and the Lora Leigh book is drivin' me crazy!! Wish it was out now. The J.D. Robb books is usually a keeper too...Great things to look foward to huh?

Great post...Glad to know your a voracious reader like the rest of us :)

rachie2004 @ yahoo (d0t) com

Gail said...

I'll be getting Blaze of Memory this weekend.
As for my waiting list (aside from those already mentioned)
Spellmans Strike Again by LIsa Lutz
Kitty's House of Horrors by Carrie Vaughn
On the Steamy Side by Louisa Edwards
Fired Up by Jayne Ann Krentz
Tairen Soul by CL Wilson
His at Night by Sherry Thomas

I could keep going but that's some of the highlights.

Dino Rubio said...

I'm really excited to start Blaze of Memory, I can't wait.

dancechica said...

I already have Blaze of Memory & Kindred in Death on the way, and King's Under the Dome on order.

Also looking forward to reading Archangel's Kiss next year, along with Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs, Shadowblade by Seressia Glass, and the next volume of Vampire Knight (manga) by Matsuri Hino.

Lil said...

I have eagerly awaited CL Wilson's recent release Queen of Song and Souls. And am anxious for the conclusion to the series, Tairen Soul.

lindseye said...

I want Shiloh Walker Hunter's Need, Deborah Cooke Winter Kiss, Bianca D'arc Better Off Dead, Jacquelyn Frank Hunting Julian, And Kate Douglas Demonfire.

Biki said...

I'm looking forward to a lot of the same authors as Nalini but I also am dying for ShadowFever----OMG, finally the ending after a book a year!

Armenia said...

I hope I'm not too late. Please count me in for a fantastic giveaway. I am looking forward to reading your holiday books.

armiefox at yahoo dot com

jeanette8042 said...

I'm off to purchase Blaze of Memory today and I can't wait for Nalini's next book!

heidi87 said...

This is about the time i start buying my holiday books. MY TRL is very long and the shelf I keep all the books I already picked up,is stuffed full. I took over another shelf. I ordered your book. Can't wait to get it

Dina said...

I now know what I can tell my frinds when they ask me what I want for Christmas. :)

Mary said...

You aren't kidding about there being a ton of good books coming out. I really need to stop going into book stores or I'm gonna be sleeping in my car! LOL ok, maybe it's not that bad, but it's so addicting...buying addicting.