Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whittling down the TBR pile - Jennifer Estep

Greetings and salutations! First of all, I want to say thanks to Leena for having me back on the blog. Thanks so much, Leena!

So, we’re coming up on the end of July now, and Labor Day is creeping ever closer. Can you believe that summer is more than halfway over already? Me neither.

I had so many things I wanted to accomplish this summer. Write a couple of books, tweak my Web site, do some promotional stuff, all the usual author cares and concerns. Plus housework. I look away for two days and somehow, my once-clean desk is a mess of papers once more. Sigh.

But most especially, I wanted to read—a lot. Like completely annihilate my 20-plus-book TBR pile. So I could finally buy some more books, of course. Hello, my name is Jennifer, and I’m a book addict … J

I actually haven’t done too badly. I’ve almost cut my TBR stack in half, which means I can buy a couple of new books (at the very least!). But you know what the really great thing about finally digging into the TBR pile has been? All the authors I’ve rediscovered.

I’ve fallen behind on a lot of my book series, and this summer has given me a chance to finally catch up on them. You know what? I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series. Ditto for Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books, and I finally finished Elizabeth Vaughan’s Warprize series. Now, I’m getting to read some new authors from my TBR pile, like Susan Mallery and Deirdre Martin.

All in all, I’d say it’s been a summer well-spent so far. And I’m looking forward to seeing what fall brings—and hoping it’s not more papers on my desk.

What about you? What have you been reading this summer? What are you looking forward to for fall? Share in the comments and I'll pick one winner in a few days to receive a copy of my novel, KARMA GIRL!


***Jennifer picked ESTELLA as the winner!! Congratulations! Please email with your mailing address so she can get a copy of KARMA GIRL in the mail to you. Thanks to everyone else who left a comment!***


Alison said...

I have a huge pile of books to read, but no chance of reducing it at present what with work, baby daughter etc. I am looking forward to autumn as I actually don't enjoy the heat too much!

Laurie said...

I just read Toni Blake's Swept Away and now I'm starting Debra Webb's Everywhere She Turns.
My son just gave me Twlight to read too. His girlfriend Stephanie loved it!

CrystalGB said...

Hi Jennifer. Recently I read Nalini Singh's Branded By Fire and Deidre Knight's Red Kiss. I really enjoyed them. I am looking forward to Sherrilyn Kenyon's Bad Moon Rising and Jessica Andersen's SkyKeepers.

Laney4 said...

Hi! I just read Susan Mallery's Sweet Spot; it was HOT! I have her next book, Sweet Trouble, waiting to be read now; maybe next week....

EllenToo said...

My TBR pile never seems to get any smaller because as soon as I read one book another two/three seem to appear and I just don't know where they come from. I've been read a whole lot of different genres of the moment I am reading Medical romances.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

I've read a few books this summer, Undead and Unwelcome, The Highwayman, Revelations, A Circle of Souls, Time Seekers, and Undone to name a few. It's harder to read in the summer with the kids at home. But school is back in session soon and it will be long empty afternoons. That's my reading time.

Dottie :)

Totebag Guest said...

Alison -- I'm ready for autumn too -- football, cool nights, Halloween. Bring it on already! :-)

Laurie -- I've heard good things about Blake and Webb, but I haven't read them yet. I'll have to add them to my never-ending list of authors to read.

Crystal -- I like Nalini's books too, although I am woefully behind on her series.

Laney -- I recently read one of Mallery's books -- Falling for Graice, I think. I enjoyed it because it had kind of a romantic screwball comedy feel to it.

Ellen -- I know what you mean!

Dottie -- That won't be long now. Some kids in my region go back on Aug. 6 or so.

Caroline said...

Hi! I've done something radical recently with my TBR pile. Along with my normal fix of "Romances" I've also raided my husbands book shelf. Been reading Simon Scarrow, Bernard Cornwall, Mark Billingham and others. I even read a book on WWII Spitfire planes (which was v. good actually!) Some of the books were really good others a bit heavy - but saying that it was good to "experiment"! Take care. Caroline

Armenia said...

I have been reading Monica McCarty's Highlander series, Midnights Master by Cynthia Eden, The Redemption of Micah by Beth Williamson, and now in my hot little hands....starting Burn by Linda Howard. Enjoying my summer, but I am looking forward to finally ending the Bastion Club series with Stephanie Laurens final book...Mastered by Love. Whew!!

Jane said...

I've been reading a lot romantic suspense like Allison Brennan's FBI trilogy and Christy Reece's Last Chance Rescue trilogy. I'm looking forward to reading some historicals by Stephanie Laurens, Meredith Duran and Anne Mallory.

Estella said...

I am reading Beth Kery's Sweet Restraint and have a TBR mountain to get thru'.
I am looking forward to cooler weather and football.

Michele L. said...

Hi Jennifer!

I have just started reading Shanna Swendson's book, ENCHANTED INC. a paranormal series. A wonderful first book! I have a TBE pile a mile high and can't wait to figure out what I am going to read next!

My summer has been filled with all kinds of fun events, County Fair, Class Reunion, 4th of July parade and fireworks, Picnics in the park, Free films in the park uptown, etc. Have an awesome autumn Jennifer!

Mary said...

I recently read Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day and I plan on reading anything this author writes from now on. I really love this series she has going. My TBR pile gets bigger all the time but I always seem to make room for them

Totebag Guest said...

I just wanted to chime in one last time and thank everyone for leaving a comment -- and so many great book recommendations!

Now, I've got even more titles to add to my TBR pile! :-)

Thanks again,
Jennifer Estep

Cherie J said...

I have a nice pile of books to read which is exciting. I love to have choices. I just finished Selkie Girl by Laurie Brooks and I will probalby read Bones of Faerie by Jani Lee Simner next.

What I am looking forward to most in Fall is the cooler weather. I live in Florida and it is so hot. I am ready for things to start cooling down.

Michele L. said...

Congratulations Estella! You will really enjoy Jennifer's book!