Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lord of Pleasure

My dearest Readers,
Personally, I'll admit that I've always had a genuine interest in making people laugh. I also happen to love history. Though in particular, NAUGHTY history. Combine these two schools of thoughts and the result is my latest release LORD OF PLEASURE. Seeing I was raised by a traditional, European father who would rather gouge his eyes out than discuss sex, needless to say, the topic of sex itself has always had a sense of naughty indulgence for me. And though my father chokes at the idea that I am writing hot historical romances about men enrolling in a school that will educate them on the topic of love and seduction, I really do think he, along with many men could learn a thing or two from this series. For one, men need to be more open to the possibility that women want to discuss their sexuality. And that it's OKAY for them to do so. I really do think that is what makes men scoff at the idea of romance books in particular. I have to say that I wrote this series with a special type of person in mind. The prude (be they male or female). Prudes existed back in 1830 as much as they do now. For some reason, people seem to actually think that people back in the day were all prim and proper. That women didn't know anything about sex until that dreaded night of the wedding. That dukes didn't associate or marry courtesans and that no woman would ever approve of her son marrying outside respectable society. To this I say, people need to start brushing up on their history and enjoying a grittier and naughtier side of London which I created based off of the research I've done throughout the years. I hope that even if people don't take the time to indulge in my books, MISTRESS OF PLEASURE and LORD OF PLEASURE, that they'll be curious enough to hop over to my blog, A BIT O'MUSLIN where I post every first of the month about sex throughout history. The whole point of my books and my blog is to open up the conversation of sexuality in a historical, creative, fun and educational manner. That said, I dedicate this here post to my father and to every prude on the planet. May they all choke on my books. Grin.
Cheers and much love,
Delilah Marvelle


Beth Gray said...

I think this is very interesting to read and study. I am sure the research can be very intriguing.
Beth Gray

Delilah Marvelle said...

My dearest Beth,
You are so right about it being intriguing!!!
I continue to stumble upon idea after idea,
and find that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.
Thank you so much for posting!!

Michele L. said...

Oh my, Delilah! I love my dad but discuss sex with him? Never in a million years but then he is from the older generation. I can imagine the things you have learned from your research. What is the most shocking or surprising thing that you found?

Kudos to you for picking up the anvil so to speak, and sallying forth on the education of sex. Hail Queen Delilah!

Delilah Marvelle said...

My dearest Michele,
lol about your dad. Yes, the older generation
is quite...reserved. And to each their own. They simply
cannot expect me to be as equally reserved :)
hm. The most shocking bit of history? There isn't much that shocks me, lol. But I'd say there are things that astound me due to a skewed viewpoint which modernization brings. Like finding out that the dildo is 28,000 years old (found in a cave near Ulm Germany) and that even Egyptians wore condoms (though obviously not made out of rubber).

Mary said...

lol @ may they all choke on my books. That's funny. I love reading those steamy sexually charged books and I too believe some men could really learn a thing or two by reading them as well. ;) So keep writing.

Pat Cochran said...

Hi, Delilah,

I'm sitting here awaiting delivery
of Lord of Pleasure, which I pre-
ordered earlier this month. I know
it doesn't release until, I think,
tomorrow but I can dream, can't I?

Pat Cochran

Delilah Marvelle said...

My dearest Mary,
Thank you! And I'm so thrilled to know I have a
kindred spirit out in the world :).

Delilah Marvelle said...

My dearest Pat,
Bless your beautiful heart for having already
pre-ordered LOP and having so much excitement
toward reading it!!! I had soooo much fun writing it, I can't
wait to see what you and everyone else thinks :)

Armenia said...

Delilah, I visited your site, A Bit O Muslin, and really enjoyed your story on your research on Ninon de L'Enclos. What a fascinating woman and the life she led. Thank you for that bit of history behind one of your characters. I am sure to put LORD OF PLEASURE on my TBR list.

Michele L. said...

Ha, ha! Oh my gosh, Delilah! Your kidding about the dildo!? I can't imagine.

Oh wow, the Egyptian's actually wore some form of protection? From documentaries I have seen on TV they were very intelligent and created all kinds of newfangled stuff.

Oh and the language they used is hilarious! They were so polite and mannerly. I bet you have had scores of fun delving into this!

Delilah Marvelle said...

My dearest Armenia,
Thank you for checking out my blog! It's definitely a love of mine, as far as researching history goes. Ninon is a courtesan not many know about and she was very difficult to research as most of the information on her are in books that have been out of print for quite some time. So it required some interesting digging but digging that was well worth my time. Grin.

My dearest Michele,
Nope. Not kidding about that dildo. If you dig around my blog at A BIT O'MUSLIN from previous posts you'll find the entire history behind the dildo. Really fascinating, actually, LOL. And yes, the Egyptians were freakin' amazing. As far as those condoms though, historians aren't able to clarify is it was used for more ritual, against disease or birth control. Nonetheless there are depictions of them using condoms. Gotta love history!