Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Cleaning - soon! - Kate Walker

I’m getting close to the end of my latest book. (very close, I hope – I have an editor tapping her fingers on the desk and demanding to know when I’ll deliver ). Anyone who walks past my office can tell how close I am to writing those magical words ‘The End’ because – well - let’s be honest here, because of the tip that my office has become.

It’s always like this. I’ve tried to work tidily. I’ve tried to plan things so that I get moments in between chapters to sort out this room and put things away. But it never works out that way. It’s pretty hard to understand, really. I mean, writing a book doesn’t actually take up much space. I need my computer, keyboard, a notepad and pen to scribble down those new ideas of important points I just must not miss. Perhaps a research book or two, one for the language used by the hero I’m writing (Greek this time if you want to know) and one about the country in which he lives or where the book is set. And – er – well, that’s it.

So how does my office come to resemble a landfill site – overflowing with bits and pieces and with the surfaces overflowing so much that things even end up on the floor which is affectionately nicknamed the ‘filing cabinet’ by my family? They have lived with this so long that they can tell what stage a book is at simply the state of the floor.

So I was relieved to see that Linda Conrad gave me the perfect excuse for all this mess in her post of March 30th (Thank you so much Linda!)

She said: Or are you one who can’t work unless the place looks like a disaster? (those people are said to be geniuses)

Now that’s the perfect excuse I need – I work in a mess like this because I’m a genius. I can live with that. Or, as my friend Anne McAllister says, we’ share the same interior decorator – “Rooms by Untidy”. I think it’s because as I get deeper into a book, I become more and more involved in the fictional world and less involved in the real one. I’m an ‘all or nothing’ writer so when I start writing I concentrate on it hard until I’ve finished. After which I finally lift my head up and look around at reality again. And I’m usually pretty shocked by what I see.

So I read Linda’s post with real interest. We share a lot of the same things – that love of office supplies for one – and the number of books stashed around the room – TBR – Keepers - books to pass on to my son (his reading habit is worse than mine). And reading Linda’s post is just the boost I need to get me over the final hump of what I hope is the last chapter and on the way towards that all important ‘The End.’

Because when I’m done I can clean my office, sort everything out, buy new office supplies - and maybe even read some of those books. I have Anne McAllister’s latest Savas’ Defiant Mistress beckoning seductively from the top of my TBR pile but I can’t pick it up or I just know I’ll lose myself in it and my editor will really get impatient.

Some a couple more days and then I can hopefully heave a sigh of relief, press send on this manuscript and then turn my attention to the tip. I’m looking forward to it . . . The sun is shining outside, reminding me that it's Spring and time to freshen up the house anyway and I’m beginning to wonder just what colour the carpet is in here.

And next time I’m really going to try to be more organised. . . . honest!

What about you? Are you a messy genius (thank you Linda!) like me? Or are you super-organised and efficient. Leave a comment - maybe give me your best tip to help me get things done and keep some order in future. And I have two signed copies of my latest release Cordero’s Forced Bride on offer to the people Sid the cat picks as winners.

Kate's latest novel Cordero's Forced Bride was released in Mills & Boon Modern in March and Mills & Boon Sexy in Australia now - and it is still available in Harlequin Presents too.

Pink Heart Society Reviews described the book as :

" . . . intense, explosive and the passion leaps off the pages. It’s one of those books that once you begin you’ll literally stay up all night reading.

Cordero’s Forced Bride is part of the Bedded by Blackmail series and a wonderful addition especially with this year being Harlequin’s Diamond Anniversary, celebrating sixty years. It’s a beautiful sensual and passionate love story and one you definitely won’t want to miss."

You can find out more about Kate and her books on her website or for the most up to date news, visit her blog.

My apologies to everyone who posted comments - I'm sorry, you lost me for a while! You know, I said I was close to finishing - well, after I posted here on Sunday, my hero took over, said he wanted his Happy Ever After Ending - and I didn't get a chance to look up until now!

But the book is done - and it's gone to my editor. And Sid has picked my winners - so

will you please email me kate AT with your snail mail addresses and I'll arrange for your prizes.

And a special thanks to the lovely Linda Conrad for dropping by - it was lovely to see you Linda!


Becky said...

I am one of those messy genius like you, too. I have stacks everywhere, but I do know what is in each stack. It doesn't help that I don't have much room in this little house that my husband and I rent. I would love my own room where I could have a couple of file cabinets or shelving units too use. If I use shelving units I could use plastic containers to store some items in an be able to see what it in it or label it. Maybe someday I will get everything organize the way I would like it, but for now it is a mess.

RachieG said...

:) I'm sooo messy it's insane! I do tend to have piles sometimes but I gotta tell ya, if someone needs something I can tell you exactly where it is. If I'm organized, I can't find a darn thing!!

BUT, this afternoon I've promised myself I'm we'll see how it goes! :)

Helen said...

Kate I picked up your new book last week here in Australia and am very much looking forward to reading it.
I am the worlds worst housewife but I alway know where things are but at work I need to have everything organized LOL I don't now why I think it has something to do with when I at home I love to read.

Have Fun

Jane said...

I'm a messy genius, too. My desk is littered with papers, but I can always find what I need. I am dreading spring cleaning. It's going to take me a while to pack away my winter clothes and dig out my t-shirts and shorts.

robynl said...

Kate, I'd be more than willing to help you get rid of one of those books by winning it.
I buy colored totes of all sizes and accordian files and have a filing cabinet. I just need to take the time to put things where they belong instead of on my desk.

Linda Conrad said...

Hey Kate,
Just saw your post and wanted to wish you good luck with that last push on the book! Hope you don't have a deadline looming too close. (on those days, my office looks like a mess too)
Glad to remind you of your genius status! :) Anyone who reads your books already knew that!

Cheri2628 said...

Since I retired, my house is not the chaotic mess that it used to be! Not that I am a cleaning/organizing fiend now. I have more time to clean and organize, but that book on my nightstand keeps calling my name! ;-)

Marie said...

Another messy genius here. I try to be organized and tidy, but after a couple of days it's always a mess again. And now with summer right around the corner I won't get anything organized anytime soon :)

Michele L. said...

Hi Kate,

Well, I am pretty organized at times but my desk sure can get messy too! I mostly like my desk to be neat and everything in it's place. Just today, I started filing papers, cleaning up my crafts, tidying up my notes, etc. It looks pretty good but who knows how long it will last?

Have a fun week Kate!