Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ready to Roll.... - Christina Hollis

Alpha males have a whole lot going for them. For a start, they have skill and a determination to succeed, in whatever area they choose. I like the men in my books to have hidden talents as well. The hero of my latest Harlequin romance, The Tuscan Tycoon’s Pregnant Housekeeper, is finding his holiday a bore. It only looks up when he meets Michelle, who’s employed at the luxury villa he has been loaned. He dabbles in art as well as dealing in it, and with Michelle as his model, one thing soon leads to another. All he wants is a passionate plaything, and he finds it in Michelle. But once he has loved and left her, he comes back for more.

Why? Because he can’t forget the effect loyal, decent Michelle has on him. She touched a nerve somewhere deep within him. Unable to forget her, he decides to get her out of his system once and for all. He doesn’t see the danger in jetting half-way across Europe to pick up where he left off. No woman has managed to tame him yet, but he soon discovers Michelle has something that he wants. No one denies Alessandro Castiglione anything if they know what’s good for them, but Michelle has a mind of her own, and she isn’t afraid to use it!

The Tuscan Tycoon’s Pregnant Housekeeper was a real pleasure to write. Alessandro has all the qualities I look for in a man – intelligence, discretion and an appreciation of the finer things in life. While the weather here in England was wet, wild and windy, I was letting my imagination run riot through the sun drenched Mediterranean landscape with a gorgeous hero. Michelle might be quiet and reserved on the outside, but when her world turns upside down she discovers a steely determination to succeed.

Bored and restless in the South of France, Alessandro Castiglione has found himself a plaything. Stripped of her uniform and naked in his bed, mousy Michelle blossoms before him.

But she knows she’s only the housekeeper – not a rich man’s wife. Discarded, disgraced, and left with nothing but the child inside her, Michelle is back in rainy England. Until the Tuscan tycoon decides to taste her charms again…

I hope you love Alessandro and Michelle’s story as much as I do!

There will be a longer extract on my website,, and a competition to celebrate the launch – but first some fun stuff right here. What quality do you most admire in a man?


housemouse88 said...

Hello Christina,

I admire compassion in a man. Have a great day.

Christina Hollis said...

Thanks, housemouse. I hope the weather is as good where you are as it is here - it's lovely spring sunshine, forecast to last all day!

Helen said...

I too love alpha heros but I really like a hero that has a sense of humour and is honourable.

This books sounds really good Christina and I will be looking for it here in Australia.

Have Fun

Michele L. said...

Hi Christina,

Ooo...can't wait to read this book! It sounds fantastic!

I really admire confidence in a man. If he knows his stuff and isn't afraid to speak up. I don't like a man that is afraid of his own shadow. My dad was very macho, confident and masculine. I married an Italian who is very much like my dad.

Have a great week!

Christina Hollis said...

Thanks for your comments, Helen and Michele. Honour and confidence (without agressiveness, of course) gives a man that aura of power which speaks of safety. If he can see the funny side of things as well, that's a bonus!
I really hope you all enjoy 'The Tuscan Tycoon's Pregnant Housekeeper'
Best wishes