Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Technology vs. Tradition - Tracy Wolff

I'm one of those women who is always just a little behind the curve-- technologically speaking. I just got my very first ipod for Christmas and now, finally, I've dived into the world of e-readers. My wonderful honey just got me a Sony Reader-- bright red and beautiful (to match the Blackberry I still don't know how to use). I personally think his motive was cutting down on the INSANE number of books I have in my house (even after my twice-yearly donation sessions) and earning more bookshelf space for himself and his work stuff. But I'm choosing to overlook his ulterior motive and just revel in the beauty that is my reader.

Now, to be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like an e-book reader. After all, doesn't half the pleasure of reading a book come from holding it in your hot little hands? Feeling the weight of it, studying the cover, etc. etc. ? I've always thought so, but I have to tell you-- this thing is great.

I was stuck at my oldest's football practice yesterday with nothing to do (Dad kept the rugrats at home, so I wasn't chasing the baby as usual) and bored out of my mind until I remembered that I had the Sony Reader in the car-- suddenly I had dozens of books to choose from to while away the hour. Which was a good thing, because I'd already finished the book I carry in my purse for just such emergencies.

Plus, I feel so much more environmentally friendly (which, honestly, is one of the other reasons my husband got me the reader). His job is all about environm,entally friendly stuff, so we're always trying to be just a little bit greener. What's not to love, then, about a device that doesn't create trash for the landfill, doesn't kill trees, doesn't need to have its products transported by truck or plane or boat or train???

All in all, I'm thrilled with my little Sony Reader. How about the rest of you? Are any of you reading e-books these days, or are you traditionalists?

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Pat Cochran said...

I'm a traditionalist, which I can't
seem to get beyond! I'm even a bit
further behind technologically, I
just got my first cell phone for
Christmas and there are no plans for
an ipod (or any such) in my future!

Pat Cochran

Estella said...

I read a few ebooks on my PC.
Ebook readers do not fit in my budget.

RachieG said...

:) I'm a traditionalist...not because e-books bother me or anything and it's not even that the reader is so expensive...I just like holding the book in my hand. I've heard an e-reader is fab though, so maybe in the future I will try! :)

Michelle Monkou said...

I like a physical book. But it doesn't mean that I won't go toward a e-reader. However the cost makes it a luxury item. For that reason, I'd rather misplace a book, than a reader.


kimmyl said...

I have read a few ebooks but rather read the books.