Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness -- Michelle Monkou

"Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, if you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around"

This quote is from one of my favorite movies - Love Actually - that has a star-studded ensemble cast.

This idea of love all around can be translated into our acts of kindess to each other. Coming out of the Lenten season has made me feel reflective and hopeful, despite the bleak headlines about the economy, the war, and other social ills.
If you are so inclined, for a week, perform random acts of kindness. If you perform an act that is not anonymous, feel free to tell the person to share an act of kindness with someone. Basically, pass it on. Comment on your random acts so we can share, celebrate, and be inspired.

On April 7, I will draw two winners to each receive a Sterling Silver - Hope * Dream * Believe Cuff Bangle Bracelet. Acts of kindness do not have to be monetary-based. This is on the honor system because I do believe that bad karma will take care of those who take advantage.

Hope your lives are overflowing with lots of Blessings and love.

Michelle Monkou


Linda Conrad said...

Love the idea of random acts of kindness, Michelle. Just this morning made a quick run to the doctor with my annoying neighbor who needed the help. She's okay and I feel a lot better already.

Michelle Monkou said...

Great, Linda. I was in the cashier line with a cart full of groceries and a guy behind me had two items in his hand. I allowed him to get in front of me. He was so surprised and that made me feel good.


Caroline said...

Hi Michelle. I bought cakes into the office today to cheer everyone up as our organisation is getting a grilling at the moment. It seemed to do the trick - if only for a short while! Caroline x

robynl said...

tonight I brought a pair of scissors that I purchased for a resident to work; she had asked me to get her a pair when I could and she'd pay me. She knits and is forever losing her scissors. This pair will probably be no different but at least she has a pair for now.

RachieG said...

Michelle! :) I won a contest of yours a few weeks ago, so please don't enter me. I did want to say though, I just received the book in the mail today and I'm so excited!! I will definetly be reading it this weekend :D

I have just found "LOVE ACTUALLY" this past Christmas. I Loved love loved it!! :) So many great people in it and it's such a fantastic story.

Random act of kindness - I traded Saturdays today with a co-worker so she could travel to see her daughter :) ...and I HATE working Saturdays!!

Shelia said...

Michelle, this is a great idea. The more kindness you show to others, it'll become a natural habit and hopefully it'll rub off on others to do the same thing. I love doing stuff for others and when someone shows an act of kindess to me, it puts a smile on my face...makes a bad day much better.

CrystalGB said...

I was going through my coupons in the cleaning product aisle in Walmart and I noticed that a lady coming toward me had some products in her cart that I had a coupon for, so, I handed her some coupons to use on her purchase.

Virginia said...

My father in law is 85 now and is not doing real well. So about every couple of weeks I make him a small banana pudding, just because he love banana pudding.

Also I ran into a lady in Walmart that said she had a girl scout troop that made there money out of the tabs off of coke cans. I had several bags of these saved that someone else didn't come to pick up. We set up a place to meet and I gave her this tabs for her troop. She was quite thrilled.

Nancy said...

I think random acts each time I'm in public. I've left a tip for someone else, given away coupons, and I always let people with fewer items go ahead of me. I also watch for people who look to be having a bad day, like a store clerk, and say something extra kind and complimentary.

Nancy Haddock

robynl said...

Yesterday I had to work so couldn't comment until I got off but a fellow worker phoned me twice to see if I'd change shifts with her and another worker. I did. Now she can have Easter dinner with her family and the other worker can do whatever it was. It feels good to help. Never know when you might need the same help.