Sunday, September 07, 2008

Have computers made your life easier?

They said computers were supposed to make our lives easier, whoever the nebulous “they” are. And in a lot of ways, the computer revolution has made things better. I stay in touch with my friends much more easily. Not only that, I have friends I would never have made without the Internet! I can connect with readers instantly. I can buy anything I want from wherever I want and usually for a lot cheaper than in a store. I don’t have to use White-out on my manuscripts. Hmm, do they even make White-out anymore?

The problem now is making sure your computer works efficiently. If it crashes, you better be sure you’ve kept up your backups and don’t lose your whole WIP. Yes, I’ve known people who lost it. Technology is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. The computer I bought just 3 years ago can no longer handle the tremendous data load (or whatever you call it) on the Internet. It’s sooooo slow. And try using dial-up! Oh my God! So, I finally decided it was time to get another computer. My husband and I went to Costco and bought a lovely desktop (I can still use the notebook for traveling even if it is slow). He bought a wi-fi adapter, then proceeded to spend all afternoon setting it up for me. How sweet. Except that it wouldn’t work. I could get on the Internet for five minutes, then the computer would lock up. Completely. Totally. Not even a mouse running around on my screen. The technician with whom he was on the phone for two hours finally decided it was a lemon and said we should take it back. Thank God Costco asks no questions when you return! So this time we spent a little (okay, a lot!) more money and got one that had wi-fi built in. The salesman at Costco (yes, they actually had a computer guy on premises) told us how great the touchscreen was. So, we set that one up. And really, it was quite easy. But then it wanted to download some upgrades off the Internet. I let it. Oh my God! It took 15 minutes to reboot. Every time I started it up, it took 15 minutes. And it didn’t like the Internet...and...and...the technician said it was a lemon and we should take it back. The salesman was still there. When he saw me, he hid. But I found him and told him my husband was waiting in line to return the computer! Are we stupid or what, we decided to buy another one! This time, we unpacked it right there in Costco and started it all up to make sure everything worked. Before I left, I shook my finger at the salesman and told him I’d be back if the thing crapped out.

So, I finally found one that wasn’t a lemon. But I’ve got a 3-year warranty, and 90 days to return it, and believe me, they will hear from me if it doesn’t work! Have you got any computer nightmares you want to share?

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Jasmine Haynes and Jennifer Skully



Margay said...

I think we all have computer nightmares. My worst is when my laptop crashed and I lost quite a bit of writing that I then had to recreate - thank goodness I had written extensive notes or it would've been a total wash. Now I back up online and on a flash drive - those little babies are brilliant!

kimmyl said...

Well my DH bought a Dell and within a month it crashed. Dell replced the modem and 3 months later it too crashed. So I went WalMart and bought an Emachine and it's been a year and no complaints. But I'm ready for a new one.

Virginia said...

My dear hubby builds our computers, he loves it. He also put an extra hard drive in his and backs everything up on that hard drive so he doesn't loose anything. He says it is not hard to add another harddrive. The only problem is my computer doesn't have that extra hard drive and when he wants to play around with a computer he uses mine. He was trying out a vidio card he found a couple of weeks ago and tried it in my computer, you got it, the computer crashed and he had to reload it and I lost everything. I still don't have everything back and am giving him a hard time over it. I think he may leave mine alone for a while.

Estella said...

I am technologically challenged, so I am very careful how I use my computer----afraid everything will disappear with one stroke of a key.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Oh no, Margay and Virginia! I'm so sorry you guys lots stuff. But I got that flash drive for the new computer and you're right, it's a marvel. And Kimmy, you're so right, it's not always how much money you spend. These days it doesn't guarantee quality! But I'm also with you, Estella, afraid to do anything lest I kill the whole thing!

Jasmine and Jennifer

Dina said...

For me, for the most part, cmy computer has made lif simpler, but when it goes very slow or wants to freeze up, I I get tired of it, lol. It's several years old, but aren't things supposed to get better with age, lol. There's still alot I don't trust about computers though.

And Jasminem I like your blog, it's like mione, so I'll try to visit often. :)

Dina said...

Oops, sorry about the extra letter Jasmine. ;)

Jasmine Haynes said...

Thanks, Dina, I'm glad you like the blog!

I think computers are one of those things that don't get better with age. When they run very slowly or lock up, it really begins to interfere with your productivity! And I'm terrified of viruses!

BTW, don't worry about the extra letter and thanks for stopping by!

Jasmine and Jennifer

Donna Alward said...

My husband builds 'em too. For a long time we shared a pc. And when we had crashes...ack! So, I learned a couple of things. Number one, save everything to a stick. Number 2, make a backup on a hard drive.

We also have a couple of external harddrives in cases which is where we keep music and photos and old files. Thank god, when we moved he built me my own pc. I don't use the bells and whistles he does (online gaming requires a lot more) and I don't update as much as he does either. Or do add ons. So mine is mostly trouble free.

Jasmine Haynes said...

Yes, Donna, the fewer bells and whistles, the safer you end of being. But sometimes those bells and whistles are fun! And oh my God, share a computer with my husband??!! We'd have killed each other long since!


Jasmine Haynes said...

Drum roll, please, the winner of a copy of Somebody's Lover is Margay! Congratulations, Margay. Please email me on with your snail mail address.

Thanks so much for dropping by everyone! And I'm blogging on my own blog today so you've got another chance to win this week! I'll be having a drawing for an autographed copy of Bella Andre's Game for Anything.

Jasmine and Jennifer