Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back to School

Yesterday was my grandsons' first day of the school year. I'm so glad they're still young enough to find that exciting! And I'm delighted they called to tell me about their new teachers, and that they have the same bus driver, and how great it was to see some of the friends they haven't seen all summer.

By the end of the day tomorrow, I suspect, the excitement will have worn off a bit. The next time I ask "How was school today?" they'll say "Fine." I'll have to press to find out about the great grade they received on a math test, interesting book they have to read and report on, or about how much time they spent on the Internet or in the library to find out about how to climb a mountain or about the habitats of a frog.

Okay, so I admit, some subjects are more interesting than others. Frankly, I'm lousy at Math. Simple arithmetic I can handle, but some of what the boys were doing last year was beyond me. Luckily, they have a fantastic Student Reference Book that can help Grandma out when she's flummoxed over a question about angles!

What I hope they're seeing by example is that learning is a never ending process. Their mother (my daughter) is taking college classes this year, working toward her next degree. The boys are very aware that I'm always reading history books as research for my novels. At the moment I'm reading LONDON LABOUR AND THE LONDON POOR, Volume 1, by Henry Mayhew – a very interesting look at Victorian England.

What have you been learning about lately? Have you taken a new class? Yoga? Knitting? Ceramics? Writing? Or has a book or documentary added to your store of knowledge? Tell us about it!


Diana Holquist said...

Hi Shari! Great to see you here.

I'm hoping to take a screenwriting class this fall. It's so hard with the kids having so many activities, but I'm determined to do something for myself that's fun.

And yes, kids back in school! Hooray. My daughter said yesterday, her first day of middle school, was "the worst day of her life." I think she'll make a great writer some day. She has the drama part down cold...


rebekah said...

Right now I'm learning how to knit fingerless gloves. It is so not easy, I didn't realize at first that you needed more than two needles. Hopefully I can get it and they look good. I just love to make things with my hands. Once I've to knit who knows what I will want to learn to do next. Thanks for coming and leaving a great post.

Shari Anton said...

Oh, Diana, I feel for you. Middle School is the Worst!! All that angst about trying act so grown up when they aren't yet. Hugs, girl, and give one to the drama queen, too ;).

Good for you, Rebekah! I can knit, but limit my projects to simple stitches on two needles!

Maureen said...

I have been trying to learn to sew. The last time I used a sewing machine I was in junior high so it's a challenge.

Estella said...

I can knit, sew and cross stitch, so am learning how to crochet now.

Shari Anton said...

Maureen, when I was in high school and, later, when my kids were young, I used to make most of my own clothes and some of theirs. Now I only pull out the machine when I need to mend something. I should really pull it out more often because I used to enjoy it!

Estella, of all of them I find the crochet most relaxing. It's the only one of the crafts I could do while watching TV! :)