Saturday, June 28, 2008

Where would you go...?

Available July 21 - Aug 3, Osprey Island, Maine:
Quaint island cottage with splendid ocean view. Two
bedrooms, full bath, eat-in kitchen, fireplace, BBQ.
Enjoy kayaking, hiking, birding, boating and much
more in isolated splendor, sixteen miles off the
ruggedly picturesque Maine coast. Motivated owner
particularly willing to swap with Sun Belt location.

No, I'm not offering up my house to the internet. The above is the beginning of my new book from Harlequin SuperRomance, NOBODY'S HERO, on shelves now. A Massachusetts state trooper named Sean Rafferty swaps a condo at an Arizona resort for what he hopes will be a quiet stay on Osprey Island. Being a romance novel, we know things don't work out that way, thanks to a little redheaded girl who thinks she's Trixie Belden. There's also a mystery in the maze, a stolen diamond, a widowed garden designer named Connemara and blueberry pie. Some vacation!

I'm currently working on the sequel to NOBODY'S HERO (working title NOBODY'S BRIDE but that will probably change before the book's out in 2009--sorry for the long wait!), which is set during the other swapper's stay at an Arizona resort. What was fun about writing these books is immersing myself in research of the two locations. Which got me thinking. If I swapped my house, where would I choose to go?

A number of overseas destinations sound extremely appealing, but sticking to the U.S. or Canada for now, there are still endless places I'd like to visit. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (I'm an Anne of Green Gables fan and have always wanted to see P.E.I.), Victoria Island. Banff would be gorgeous. Anywhere along the Northern California coast, right up to Washington to explore their many islands. Or the east coast--the Outer Banks, Nantucket, the Hamptons. Anyone seeing a theme here? I'm clearly a northern tier water person!

If you were swapping your house for a vacation far from home, where would you go? Somewhere hot and beachy? Cool and forested? Would you choose the familiar, or try an exotic location for the sheer adventure of it?


Ellen said...

If I were to swap houses with somebody it would be for a place along the northeastern part of Canada or the US.

Estella said...

I would swap for a place beside a warm beach.

Shari Anton said...

I'd swap my condo in WI for a condo along the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico -- but it would have to be in February, and it's darn cold in WI then. Think I'd get any takers? ;)

Fun post, Carrie!

Pat Cochran said...

The swap would have to be for a cooler time of the year in Colorado.

Pat Cochran

Lois said...

Oh geez. . . on one hand, I'd go someplace quiet, just sleep practically the whole time, read, but wireless is a must. . . maybe the North Pole where it's cooler this time of year. LOL On the other, London! :)

LindaC said...

Canada. I went there after my graduation from college and would love to go back. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is just gorgeous!

The Smoky Mountains in Tennesse/North Carolina would be another great place.

I'm more of a mountain person than a beach person.


Cherie J said...

That cottage in Maine sounds like my cup of tea. I would love to seap and go there.