Monday, June 23, 2008

Coming Home

Me at The Smithsonian Air & Space.
..and missing my dogs

Last week, my family was on vacation in DC and Williamsburg, VA. Both are beautiful cities. I loved all the museums and monuments. And I especially loved going through the residential areas. I love seeing how other people live. Their homes, their gardens. Seriously, both cities are gorgeous.

But I was so glad to get home on Friday.

I missed my dogs. I missed my house. I missed my own coffee at breakfast, and leisurely reading the paper as I sip it. I missed my own bed.

I missed Erie.

As I walked the dogs Saturday morning, through the quiet neighborhoods, I couldn’t help reflecting about how much I love my house, my city. Other cities are great to visit. Beautiful, hospitable, historic... They’re nice. But Erie’s home.

When we were in Williamsburg, we had a chance to talk to the hotel’s manager. He was born in Michigan, spent most of his childhood in Alaska, and now lives and works in Virginia. He was a history major who found his true home in Williamsburg, in the midst of all the history that area is steeped in. I was born here in Erie, and despite seeing more and more of the country and being able to admire those region’s assets, I’ve never felt the slightest inclination to live anywhere else. Erie is my home.

I recently wrote an essay for The Erie Times newspaper that will be out sometime in July talking about how much I love Erie. And as I worked on it, I realized that Erie’s been the setting for more than thirty of my books. I guess the fact I like Erie shows! LOL

What about you? Were you born in your true home, or did you have to go look for it? Or, are you still looking–trying on different cities, looking for the right fit? If you’ve found your true home, what is it that delights you about it?


PS. I’m leaving in a few minutes for Toronto on business, but I’ll be back this evening and will check the board! (That’s another great thing about Erie...I can be in Toronto, Buffalo, Cleveland or Pittsburgh in just a few hours.)


Ellen said...

I guess I wasn't born in my true home because I moved from there at the age of 5 and have never been back to live. In fact I'm not sure I'm in my true home even now that I have lived here for over 40 years. The trouble is that growing up I lived in 8 different places and the only reason I stayed here was to take care of my parents and now I'm too lazy (and old) to even think of moving. So no, if I moved I don't think I would miss where I am presently living.

HollyJacobs said...

I'm back from Toronto...I should have been here much sooner, but the traffic...oy, the traffic. LOL

But I'm here! Sooooo glad to be home!


HollyJacobs said...

Hi, Ellen! That's a lot of moving, over the years! But I'm glad you've found someplace to settle.


Ellen said...

My dad worked as a geologist for an oil company, hence the moving.

Anne Gracie said...

Holly, great blog.
I've lived in so many places, I find it pretty easy to settle in. But it's funny, there's a country town we left when I was 7, and every time I drive through that area I feel a sense of home. Maybe the particular shape of the hills and the landscape imprinted on me young.

I really miss my dog when I'm away, too. I've been known to rock up to complete strangers in foreign countries and ask if I can pat their dogs, giving a symbolic pat to my dog, so to speak.

I suppose because dogs can't speak and you can't walk them or toss a ball cyberly, so that's what I miss, whereas I can talk to people. Not quite the same, I know, but still...

HollyJacobs said...


Well, there's always an've seen a lot of the country! LOL


HollyJacobs said...


Maybe that's what happened to me...I was imprinted with Erie young.

And yes, you get it with the dogs. I was so in need of a fix. When we were walking in Williamsburg, there was a horse out in a corral. A dog who'd obviously never really seen anything like it, kept coming up to the fence. The horse leaned down to snuffle his nose, and the dog did a huge jump backwards. Then went up again... It went on for a long time, and I so enjoyed watching them both!

Pat your dog for me?!!