Sunday, August 12, 2007

Meet KiKi the Chaotic !

Want to know a great way to fall behind on your deadlines or any other VIC ? (Very Important Chores) Get a puppy! What was I thinking?

I had resisted getting another animal since my beloved cat passed away a couple of years ago. But my sister informed me one day that my house was like a tomb without an animal. She grabbed me up and we went looking for a new member of the family. (my husband helped- reluctantly)

If you ever fall into a moment of weakness like that, please remember the house training, the chewing on everything (shoes, rugs, the frigging walls!)
and the constant need for attention until they grow and become more independent. I forgot.

Gladly, I forgot! Because now that she's part of our family, I wouldn't give this darling baby up for anything in the world! KiKi loves people and wants to please and we love her in return. She brings me the greatest pleasure and she'll grow to be a fantastic companion. If we all live through puppyhood, that is.

By the way, she has gotten her first haircut since these pictures but I haven't managed to get a new photo of her. She looks more like a Bichon Friese now. Like she's supposed to look. And next week we start training classes! Thank goodness.
Maybe then I'll catch up with my deadlines and finish this darn book!

If any of you have any suggestions to make our life easier or any stories of new puppies you would love to tell, please let us know! I can use all the help and commiseration I can get!



Lois said...

Awwwwwww!!! :) Well, the same thing can happen with a cat, because while they don't do as much, you still want to bug the crap out of them with petting, baby talk and the like. ;)


Linda Conrad said...

Right, Lois! And I did waste a lot of time that way with my kitty. But cats usually don't bark or need to be walked or have 'accidents' that need to be taken care of immediately! :)

Despite it all, I sure do love her!


deseng said...

Awww...but she is so cute! I love dogs! Absolutely adore them! My mom had a little Shitzu and he was just adorable! I know what you mean, dogs are a lot of work! A cat uses a litter box but a dog has to be let outside to do its business and need to be walked. They are so worth it though!

Linda Conrad said...

You said it, Deseng!

I love this little girl like crazy. Sometimes she'll just be standing there and my husband will look over and say, "She just too cute!"
And she is loveable too! Lots of kisses and hugs!


Maureen said...

She's a cutie! We lost our dog two years ago and sometimes I would love to get another and then I remember all the work and I figure we can wait a little while longer.

Linda Conrad said...

Aw, Maureen. They ARE a lot of work, but remember the benefits! They love you unconditionally. They're there when you are feeling the lowest. And they're there to celebrate when things go right.

It took me two years after we lost our kitty to get back on the bike, but I'm so glad I did. It's like this house came to life!


Nathalie said...

PS: Your puppy is so cute... so worth the time wasting :)