Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Between the Words

Between the Words

You met Alice in These Three Words. And now she's got her own story, well, part of a story!! It's out today!!

Alice had the perfect life...which fell apart when her husband's pregnant mistress showed up at her door.

Olivia was leading an imperfect life until it fell together when she met her cheating boyfriend's other woman...his wife.

Two Women.

Two Romances.

Two Happily-Ever-Afters in this final installment to Holly Jacobs' bestselling Words of the Heart series.

Life happens between the does love.

I hope you'll check out this newest book in the Words of the Heart series! Each book completely stands alone, but if you've read them all, you'll find the connections!

I'm happy to announce the first three books are on sale this week for $.99!! If you're missing any, this is a great time to pick them up! 
 My love of affair with pottery continues but my bowl-palooza has ended. I made 50 bowls for this spring's Empty Bowl fundraiser. Okay, I made a few more than that! I made one to give away to one of you! You just have to promise to be kind...these are better than when I started, but I'm no expert! It's in the kiln now. I'll glaze it next week. So keep an eye on your email in December. I'll announce the winner near Christmas! How do you enter? It's open to any newsletter subscriber!!

Books and ceramics. That's the biggest happenings in my life other than family. And the family is keeping me hopping! We went to Gettysburg at the beginning of the month. It rained the whole ride down, but the weekend ended up being lovely! The leaves were at their prime! I love Pennsylvania!

I hope you enjoy the new book, Between the Words. Don't forget that the PTA Mom series is available in one Collection that includes a bonus story!  The first story is Once Upon a Thanksgiving...a great way to start the holiday season!! And Quincy Mac's 5th book, Polished Off, is out as well!

I'm signing up for spring term tomorrow...yep another ceramics class is on the list! So you can be sure you'll be seeing more pieces. In the meantime, Happy Reading and Happy Thanksgiving!!


PS If you have a minute, I'd really appreciate it you review the books you've read! Those reviews are a great way to help other readers find my books!


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dstoutholcomb said...

You weren't too far from me when you went to Gettysburg, I'm below the Mason-Dixon line, and a bit east of there. About 1.5 hours from there.

HollyJacobs said...

@Dstoutholcomb, Oh, that's so close! We love going down there. Love taking the trip to DC, too! Such an amazing part of the country!!