Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tule Book Club's Holiday Kickoff Party! - by Dani Collins

I'm usually one of those people who says Christmas decorations shouldn't go up in stores until after Remembrance Day (Nov 11th, which I think you call Veteran's Day in the US.) I still recall my throat rasping gasp the first time I saw a department store putting up Christmas trees before Halloween.

So I am overstepping my own boundaries by promoting this holiday launch party on Oct 16th, but that's today. And it's fun

Here's who you'll find there (all times are PST):

4:00: Trish Milburn
4:15: Erika Marks
4:30: Patty Blount
4:45: Nan Reinhardt
5:00: Paula Altenburg
5:15: Vella Munn
5:30: Kaylie Newell
5:45: Jeannie Watt
6:00: Melissa McClone
6:15: Dani Collins   <-----Me!
6:30: Shelli Stevens
6:45: Katharine Schwartz
7:00: Joss Wood

That's a kick-butt line-up of authors, right? And technically we're celebrating upcoming holiday releases, but mostly it's an excuse to get together with readers and chat books and recipes and romance.

You need to join Tule's Book Club to join the party. I hope you will! We'd love to see you there.

I'll be chatting about my Nov 8th release, a wholesome and heartwarming Christmas story called Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet. Yes, there's a wedding. And mistletoe! And a chalet! There's also a sheepdog who likes to roll in the snow, a guitar-playing doctor hero who thinks it's funny when moose do people stuff, a tween organizing a vow renewal for her parents, and a heroine falling back in love with her first love. Plus holiday cheer and did I mention the wedding?

Come to the party and I'll share more holiday secrets along with some fun giveaways...


dstoutholcomb said...

sounds like fun!

Dani Collins said...

I hope you'll join us! <3