Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Out and about with Kate Walker

Sometimes the life of a writer is a quiet, solitary one.  It needs  a lot of tine sitting in silence, alone, at the keyboard.

Then there are other times when it’s all   being out and about – meeting fellow writers, editors, learning all the news and interest from  visitors from Harlequin in America.   This week  York – and now I’m heading for London for the heavy-duty stuff.
has been a bit like that – I’ve done the first half – in

First of all was last weekend -
The heatwave may have been a happy memory - replaced by low temperatures and heavy rain but nothing dampened the spirits of everyone who was at the fabulous Romantic Novelists' Association afternoon  Saturday - fantastic venue, fabulous food and service . And a wonderful opportunity to meet up with everyone and share a chat in a beautiful room - which was so warm and welcoming after the rainy trek across the city. A wonderful occasion.
tea in York on

 Many many thanks to you, Lynda Stacey for the great job you did planning and organising everything. This was the best one yet.  And saga writer Jean Fullerton was a great guest speaker - I know so many people were nodding along with the points she made.

Today I head for London, for editorial meetings and the annual Association of Mills and Boon Authors’  lunch. Ruby knows that I am  going away  - she has seen the case being packed and she does not approve. This is her silent 'I will not be moved' protest on my lap!

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enjoy your luncheon!

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