Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Fun Times Ahead ! By: Susan Sands

Hello Friends! I hope the weather has finally calmed down where you are. Here in Georgia, we are all
coughing and sneezing our way through record high pollen counts. But on the positive side, things are blooming and turning green, and it's beautiful!

Here at the Sands' household, it's become all about graduation! My daughter is graduating from high school this month, and that means invitations, pictures, baccalaureate, grad parties, and caps and gowns! But it also means AP Exams, finals, and lots of stress!

My girl is heading to college in the fall, and already has three roommates lined up. So, let the shopping commence! She's my third child, so none of this is new to me besides becoming an empty nester. I'm a little concerned about that part of it, but am thrilled for her and her new exciting adventures. Fortunately, she will only be two hours away, so it will be an easy drive. 

So, then there's the writing... Yes, I'm writing almost every day. Something new and very different. I'm not sure exactly where it's headed in the end, whether it will have secondary romantic storyline, or if it will be mostly Southern mystery/women's fiction. Either way, it's a new journey that's challenging my writing skills in new ways. I'm hoping to publish another story later this year as well. I will keep you posted!

I signed books at Star Line Books in Chattanooga, TN for Independent Bookstore day on Saturday, April 28th, and had a blast. What a fun city! My friend Rosalind Bunn, a fellow Atlanta (children's) author and I drove in for the day.

Enjoy your spring, if you've had one so far. I know I'll be complaining about the heat very soon!



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dstoutholcomb said...

Congratulations! Best wishes for your daughter as she goes to college.

Oldest graduates from Arcadia and starts grad school the next day, just picked up the middle after his first year at Bama, and youngest is almost done 7th.

Enjoy your summer!