Monday, January 30, 2017

Susan Stephens: Happy New Year!

May the year of the rooster bring you everything you wish for, and much more.

It’s good to be back, and thank you so much for inviting me, Lee. :)

Because February, the month of love is almost here, I have something special just for you. Valentine’s Night at the Ladies Club is part of my popular Ladies Club series, and I’m offering it free to all subscribers to my Newsletter for the entire month of February.

When you receive the Newsletter you will find a User Name and Password that gives you access to the Members Only pages on my web site where you can pick up your free book.
(Novels can and will be swapped in and out, so there is always something free to read)

It has been bitterly cold and misty up here on the Yorkshire moors, but thankfully no serious snow as yet this winter.  I can never walk my dog Betty without imagining the Bronte sisters walking along these same frozen pathways. It’s quite something to walk past the church they attended, and where their father used to preach.

But I’m not complaining, because it’s very good writing weather! I’d much rather be indoors with Betty lying across my feet to keep them warm, than tramping across the wild and windy moors!

I’m having the best time writing my new red-hot polo series, Blood and Thunder, and I’m absolutely thrilled by the reader reception. Featuring a fierce pack of polo players, who lead a double life as Vigilantes, it’s been creating quite a stir.  I should warn you right away that the Blood and Thunder series is super-hot and includes language some of you may object to.

But if you like the idea of a series of inter-related, stand-alone romantic suspense novels, this could be for you. The second story, Argentinian Billionaire, featuring Dante Formosa, aka the Romani Chieftain, is a January 27th release. Isn’t he hot? I could stare at him all night!

Here are the links for you :)
Amazon US     
Amazon UK    
Barnes and Noble

In this next image you can see the novels to date...

Pre-order for the 3rd story, Spaniard Untamed is available now, and I’m guessing you’ll be pleased to hear that my Spanish duke is another hot, dangerous man!  

I only hope you enjoy these stories half as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Please don’t be shy. Join those I chat with on a regular basis on my Facebook page and on Twitter. The romance world is such a happy community, that whatever else is going on in our lives we can all escape for a while, either by reading a new book, or by chatting about our latest reads with other fans of this fabulous genre.

Keep warm!

With my love to you,
Susan xx


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