Saturday, November 26, 2016

Eve Gaddy: Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming! I know you're all out shopping on Black Friday. No? I'm not either! I figure if you're reading this there's a good chance you're not shopping.

I have a number of friends who adore this day. They get all their Christmas shopping done and for a good price. Sometimes they get amazing bargains. But the few times I tried to shop on Black Friday were not a success. First, I'm very short. When you're as short as I am, you are eye level with most people's elbows. Consequently, I really don't like crowds.

The second thing. I've talked before about my problems with organization. Sometimes I know several things I want to get for friends and family early. But that's rare. I think you need to go with specific things in mind that you want to buy. I don't usually manage that. Besides, I like to Christmas shop but I don't want to do it until closer to Christmas. If I do it early I feel kind of lost for the month of December.

Third thing. This is a biggie. I can't think of any reason to voluntarily get up at two or three in the morning to stand in line in the cold darkness.

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Do you love it, hate it or don't care? Make a comment and I'll select one winner for my Christmas book, The Doctor's Christmas Proposal. This is Wyatt Gallagher's story. Here's a peek at the cover. If you want to see more, check out my webpage,  Available at all digital retailers.


jcp said...

Shopping online on Monday is so such easier

alysap at yahoo dot com

Eve Gaddy said...

I'd rather do it online, too.:) I don't mind the stores when they're not so so crowded, though.

Audrey said...

Eve, I prefer on-line shopping to on-ground shopping. That gives me more time to enjoy the holidays and cuddle up with my favorite book! This one looks like a perfect winter read. Glad to see Tule Publishing offer so many great choices. I especially love the cover of this one!

Eve Gaddy said...

Thanks, Audrey! I love the Christmas cover too. I think it's so pretty.