Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Short and Sweet

I love February for its shortness.

And yes, I realize it has that extra day this year, which doesn't make it any more or less sweet. It's still shorter than a thirty or thirty-one day month.

About four years ago, we here in Canada finally got a long weekend in February. (Family Day) Before that, there was always the desert wasteland of unbroken weeks from New Year's day until Easter. Yes, Easter! Which sometimes waits until April to show up with chocolates and a day off from work.

So February was my friend, usually arriving with a hint of weather just mild enough to tease of spring, and finishing fast so I was suddenly looking at March and daffodils and a day off.

Now, of course, I'm a stay-at-home-writer which means I never get a day off. You think I'm joking. I'm totally not, but I'm also not complaining.

And I still love February for its shortness.

Which makes if perfectly fitting that my bad boy short story, Taken By The Raider, released this month. Griffen Woodlock, corporate raider, 'acquires' Aubrey Hargrave in a hostile takeover. He quickly seizes more than her assets. That's the short version, anyway. Here's the full blurb:

The first time Aubrey Hargrave was “acquired” by corporate raider Griffen Woodlock, she was unable to resist his potent sexuality. She made the fatal mistake of mixing business with pleasure, but had to end their passionate affair to save her father’s reputation—and her heart. 
At 20, Griffen pushed his abusive father out of his CEO position to take the chair himself. Aside from indulging his passion for beautiful women, Griffen hasn’t made an emotional decision since. When Aubrey cuts short their white-hot affair, he tells himself she can easily be replaced. Except she can’t. 
Discovering Aubrey’s family secret gives Griffen the power to force a second take-over, but he intends to seize more than her business. He wants her

Want a short sexy read to keep you warm while you wait for the spring thaw? Here are the quick links:

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What's your favourite month? 

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