Monday, May 25, 2015

Madeline Ash: Character Interview - Her Secret Prince

Today we’re chatting with Prince Jebediah and his new wife, Dee, as they reflect on their lives following the events in Her Secret Prince.

You are the couple of the moment, the fairytale romance on everyone’s minds! Do tell us how you two met.

JED: I moved around a lot as a kid. At sixteen, my mum moved us to San Francisco. I met Dee at school and we became friends.

DEE: You mean I was your only friend. He wasn’t interested in being social, because his mum was probably going to make him move again. But for some reason, he liked me and I fell in love with him pretty fast. I mean, look at him, who wouldn’t? All dark hair and shadowy stares, my God, he still makes me weak. Anyway, he was too shy to make a move, so I did, right before he disappeared. My heart held out for him for the next ten years.

That’s so romantic. So Jed, is it true – you had no idea you were royalty until recently?

JED: Not a clue. My true lineage was kept from me throughout my childhood. It wasn’t until my father made contact with me recently that I found out. I was stunned.

DEE: Yet it made sense. Beneath his quiet words and confused soul-chasing, there’s always been a kind of…presence, you know? People look at him when he walks into a room. They listen when he talks – and he doesn’t talk loudly. He’s measured and compassionate, and if ever there was a secret prince in the making, it makes complete sense that it was Jed.

Aw, absolutely! And Dee, you lived in Los Angeles before you moved to the castle here in Leguarday?

DEE: That’s right. I had a poky apartment that I loved to death – about the size of my wardrobe here. I spent my days working on screenplays in a café around the corner. It was a simple life, a bit lonely, but I miss it sometimes.

Yes, it must be very different here. One final cheeky question – we heard that you two are very active lovers and are making your way through the castle one room at a time. Can you tell us whether that’s true?

JED: No comment.

DEE: Oh yeah, we’re almost half way! Thanks for having us!

Thanks for chatting to us! If you’d like to know more about Prince Jebediah and Dee’s love story, Her Secret Prince is available on Amazon now.

Thanks for having me on the blog today, Lee! It’s been fun interviewing my own characters post-story!


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