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Marin Thomas: The Cash Brothers: Sibling Rivalry

I love writing for Harlequin American Romance because I get to write about cowboys, kids and family drama! It wasn't until I wrote Dexter: Honorable Cowboy (July 2010) that I realized just how much fun sibling rivalry is to write.  Dexter was a twin and he and Dusty got into it a few times over a girl and not just with words…fists, too!  So you know all about sibling rivalry—right?  My brother, who’s only a year older than me was a big tease and our poor mother broke up more fights between us than you can imagine.  Ever been snapped by a wet dish towel? My brother drew blood one night and we ended up on the kitchen floor wrestling and my mother had to wedge a broom stick between our bodies to separate us!  Thank goodness we outgrew the fighting and now we have a great time telling “remember when” stories when we get together.

The Cash Brothers series is about six brothers all named after Country-and-western legends by their eccentric mother whose lifelong search for her soul mate left each of her sons with different fathers. The brothers are as follows in order of their books….Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty Cash, Willie (Will) Nelson Cash, Buck Owens Cash, Merle (Mack) Haggard Cash and Porter Wagoner Cash.

The idea to give the six Cash brothers their own series came to me when I wrote a scene in their sister's book, A Cowboy's Duty (Aug 2012) In this scene the over-protective brothers return home to find their little sister Dixie in the shower with the hero, Gavin Tucker.

  "Dixie?"  Johnny pounded on the bathroom door.
Gavin wrapped Dixie in a towel then tied one around his waist before opening the door.  She peeked over Gavin's shoulder.  Johnny stood in the hallway holding Gavin's clothes.  Before anyone had a chance to speak the rest of her brothers skidded to a stop in the doorway. 
"Well, now.  That's a cozy sight."  Willie expelled a grunt after Buck jabbed an elbow into his stomach.
Poor Buck.  Finding his baby sister almost naked with a man was more than his prudish brain could process.  "I didn't expect you until later tonight," she said.
"Obviously."  Porter snickered.
Gavin raised his hand.  "Before you interrogate your sister, give us some privacy to—"
"The last thing you two need is more privacy."  Johnny shoved Gavin's clothes at him.  "You're supposed to save that stuff for the honeymoon."
Conway came to Dixie's defense.  "She's twenty-three, Johnny.  Old enough to have sex.  Hell, you were poking Ilene back in ninth grade.  She was only—"
"Shut up, Conway."
"No you shut up, Johnny.  Just because you’re the oldest doesn’t mean you can—"
"Hey," Willie interrupted.  "Is that why Ilene wouldn’t go to the school dance with me when I asked her?  Because you were banging her in Grandpa's truck?"
Buck interrupted before Johnny had a chance to defend himself.  "Didn’t Grandpa find a condom on the floor of the backseat of his truck?"
"Shoot.  Grandpa accused me of having sex with a girl.  All along it was you."  Willie shoved his finger in Johnny's chest.
"That was years ago.  Besides, you never liked Ilene because she had small…you know."  Johnny's face turned red.
"I wouldn’t have cared if her boobs were no bigger than pecan nuts if she'd have let me under her skirt," Will said.
"I thought you were in love with Marsha, Will?"  Merle joined the conversation.  "You said Marsha was your first love?"
"When did I say that?" Willie argued.
"When you got drunk two years ago and Merle had to haul your ass out of the bar," Johnny said.  "You were foaming at the mouth about some girl named Marsha in your high school class." 
Dixie chanced a peek at Gavin and found him staring at her brothers in fascination.  She supposed he'd never seen anything the likes of a Cash brothers' argument.  Growing up an only child Gavin had missed out on all the action Dixie had seen in her younger years.
"Are we talking about Marsha Bugler?" Buck asked.
It amazed Dixie that no matter how loud or raucous her brothers became Buck's quiet voice always caught their attention. 
"Yeah, that's the Marsha we're talking about.  Why?" Johnny asked.
"Marsha and I were friends," Buck said.
"Friends?"  Willie scoffed.  "She never mentioned you when we were together."  Willie's eyes narrowed.  "Just how good of friends were you?"
"Good enough that she told me you’d gotten her pregnant."
Dixie gasped and her brothers' jaws dropped. 


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Speaking of prizes…I'm giving away a signed copy of The Cowboy Next Door to one lucky winner.  Comment on the following question and your name will be entered into the drawing… Do you have a sibling-rivalry memory—if so, what did you and your brother or sister fight about?  I’ll be back on Sunday  June 30th  to announce the winner!    

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Mary Preston said...

I'm one of seven children - 6 girls, then my brother. I can't say that there was any true sibling rivalry. We were all so spread out by ages and stages of our lives.

Laurie G said...

My sister and I are only 19 months apart. We fought all of the time usually over toys, books and space. We shared a room.. In HS our relationship improved. She liked to borrow my clothes.

Pat Cochran said...

When Honey and I returned from our
wedding trip, I found that one of
my younger sisters had already
cleared out all my things from our
shared rooms. I raised a royal ruc-
kus but no one admitted doing the
deed. I never did get an answer or
get my things back!

Pat C.

Laney4 said...

I am the youngest of four, and each of us are 5 years apart. There was no sibling rivalry because we were all separate from each other.

Marin Thomas said...

Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by the blog! I'm the middle child of 3...can't imagine being one of 7, yikes! I'm sure you and your siblings have lots of stories to tell when you all get together at holidays or family celebrations :-)

Marin Thomas said...

Hi Laurie-thanks for taking the time to leave a comment! LOL...on the borrowing your clothes--it's a girl thing :-) Glad to know you two mended your fences in HS :-)

Marin Thomas said...

Hi Pat..., LOL, so the pranks kept on going even after you married :-) I wonder if you ever noticed any of your things show up out of the blue in your siblings houses over the years :-) Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Marin Thomas said...

Hi Laney-thanks for dropping by the blog! So even though you were 1 of 4 kids you all were raised like only children :-) Do you have a tough time when you get together as a group--everyone wanting their own way, lol!

Laney4 said...

Nahhh. Now that we're all older adults, we just discuss our various ailments, LOL!

Marin Thomas said...

LOL, Laney!

Kirsten said...

I only have one sister & we got on most of the time. Mainly because I gave in with almost everything. What game we would play, what clothes we would wear, what song we would sing... She decided and I was happy for us to be good friends. When time went on I did try to get my way a bit more. But it didn't really work, my sister is a strong woman with a mind of her own. I now know that us being sisters and spending quality time together is more important to me than watching a particular film together, or going to a specific restaurant. We are adults and have our own lives, that's ok with me.

Marin Thomas said...

Ladies, thank you all for taking the time to stop in at Tote Bags 'n' Blogs, read my post and leave a comment! Congratulations to Pat Cochran--your name was drawn out of the hat and you've won a copy of The Cowboy Next Door! Please send your snail mail address to

Happy Trails....!