Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Julie Kenner: Mixing Business and Pleasure

It’s release day for Claim Me, book 2 in the Stark Trilogy that began with Release Me!  And that, folks, is exciting stuff!

I don’t think that the thrill of having a book come out has ever dissipated, even after having so many books under my belt.  It’s one of those things that just never gets old.  That always gives me that little thrill.  And it’s always a reason to celebrate.

I used to always travel to signings and conferences when I had a new book out, but unfortunately, that has changed a bit over the years.  When my first book came out, I had no kids and a husband in grad school.  Yeah, I worked as an attorney, but my schedule was reasonably flexible (though I didn’t realize it at the time!).  Then suddenly there was one kid, then another, and my husband had an actual day job (there goes the live-in child care).  Then we added homeschooling to the mix, and suddenly traveling became much more difficult. 

For years, about the only conferences I was consistently able to attend were the Romance Writers of America conference, because it’s in July, the one month that my husband has off (thus relegating him again to kid-duty) and Armadillocon (because it’s in my home town, and thus easy).

Even RWA became difficult in recent years, because of conflicts with various summer activities.  And that’s a shame, because I love to travel.  I even loved going to Continuing Legal Education seminars back in my lawyering days.  Sure, you had to sit through mind-numbing talks about securities regulations, but when the venue was the Del Coronado hotel outside of San Diego or the Four Seasons in Austin, is it really worth complaining?  And when you’re talking writing conferences, it’s even more fun because you get to visit fun places, mingle with other writers, and invariably hang out with readers.  Score!

Which is why I’m so thrilled that my kids are older, one is no longer homeschooled, and I can do more traveling!  This year I’m going to Dallas in June, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa (and Disneyland) in July, Savannah in August, and New Jersey in October!  I’ll get to meet readers and do signings in almost all those places (no, not Disney). So if you’re in those cities, be sure to check my newsletter or webpage!  I’d love to meet you.

How about you?  Do you travel for business?   Is it a pain, or is it something you enjoy?

One lucky commenter will win a copy of Claim Me! (print for US winners, digital for international winners!)

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author J. Kenner has written over 40 books under multiple names including Julie Kenner and J.K. Beck.  Her newest release, CLAIM ME (April 23, 2013), is the second book in the bestselling Stark Trilogy, which began with RELEASE ME, continues with CLAIM ME, and which will conclude in July with COMPLETE ME.

You can learn more about her at her website ( or connect with her on Twitter (@juliekenner) or on Facebook (

***Julie's winner is Josie Hink!  Please email with your mailing information! Thanks.***


Anonymous said...

Hi julie, I loved your book Release Me so much! I wish I could win your book Claim Me as a digital version, so I could read it right away! thank you so much for this giveaway and hope Claim Me is again another success!

Connie said...

Hi, Julie!

Thankfully, I am finally retired so there is no travel for business. My husband was the one who seemed to always be gone on business. We lived in Paris for years where he worked for a NATO organization and I worked for the American Embassy. When I was lucky, I would accompany him to his business trips in Europe. Those were the best trips!

Congratulations on your success with your latest novel, “Claim Me.” As I live in the U.S. and if I’m lucky enough to win, I would love to have a printed copy!

All the best!

Connie Fischer

erin said...

Congrats Julie on the newest release! This series looks awesome and I'm dying to read it :) I also love to travel. Maybe cuz I don't do very much but I don't mind flying. Now long car rides are a different story but as long as I'm somewhere far away from home and different, I'm happy :)


Pat Cochran said...

I worked only in the first year of our
marriage. When our first child was born,
I became an at-home wife and mother. Tra-
veling from then on was school trips of
the room mother variety to HS band booster
chaperoning and concert trips to CA, FL,
and more!

Pat C.

Laurie G said...

I don't travel for work. When I do travel I like to go to national parks where we can hike. We like to avoid big cities and stay in small towns where we don't have to fight the traffic.

Unknown said...

I worked at a bank and then became a stay at home mom. I have never had to travel!!


AquarianDancer said...

I don't travel for business, but I love to travel! I think the actual travel-time is a pain. It is one of those times that I wish teleportation was a real option. :-D

AquarianDancer at gmail dot com

Lory Lee said...

I'ts not healthy to travel for business. You'll have a lot of things in mind and you might not enjoy whats around you. If I travel, it will be on pure pleasure. :)