Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lucy Monroe: Writing about Dragons

One of the things I love most about writing my Children of the Moon series is the fact that I get to create my own mythology, my own world.  That doesn’t mean I completely disregard commonly held beliefs or story avenues, but that I build on them.   

When the idea for my shape changing Chrechte first came to me, it was the result of asking, "What if the Picts (a mysterious people of Northern Scotland who disappeared from written history) were actually werewolves who integrated with the clans for survival?"

That grew into a world that had bird, wolf and cat shifters and ultimately...the Prince of the √Čan, a dragon shifter.  As protector of his people, Eirik is the most fearsome of living beasts.  A huge, red dragon who can cast fire and fly undetected through the night sky.  Pretty cool, right?

Dragon mythology has commonality in most cultural oral and written histories.  The Western dragon isn't only found in European storytelling, but Native American (albeit a different type of dragon) as well.  And the Eastern dragon is popular throughout Asia.  The concept of the dragon has always and continues to fascinate us all.  Is it any wonder we are seeing a resurgence of them in current fiction?

In Dragon's Moon, my dragon shifter is a solitary one, a man who can do what no other Chrechte living can.  Eirik is both dragon and raven, Prince and clan member.  He is a conflicted hero whose ability to cast fire is as much a burden as a strength.  When he meets his mate for the first time and realizes his fire killed Ciara's brother, he knows their journey to happiness is not assured.

That does not stop him claiming her, or insisting their paths are entwined.  Ciara is no shrinking Medieval maiden, frightened of the only living drakon.  She is a strong woman more adept at hiding emotions than giving into them.

The future of the entire Chrechte race depends on these two finding their way to each other and the trust and love they will need to succeed at their quest.

What about you?  Are you as fascinated by dragons as me?  What aspect to dragonology do you find most intriguing?


ISBN-10: 0425246620 - ISBN-13: 978-0425246627
Children of the Moon Novel #4, Berkley Sensation - September 2012

—#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lora Leigh

Bestselling author Lucy Monroe returns to her “stunningly sexy”* paranormal world where one woman has but one choice for her people’s salvation—her sworn enemy...

When Eirik, the only living dragon shifter, and prince of the Ean, killed her brother, Ciara was left alone to face her prophetic dreams. Now, in order to find the wolves’ sacred stone and save all the Chrechte from destruction, she needs her enemy’s help.

Eirik was only protecting the children of his people, but that day in the forest left a mark on him as well. Controlling his dragon’s fire is the most difficult thing he’s ever done—until he and Ciara are forced to face not only their shared tumultuous past, but a hallowed bond stronger than they realize. As avowed enemies and predestined mates, their quest ushers them into a world of great danger, and a passion hotter than the dragon’s fire.


Mary Preston said...

I like the power & magic of dragons. The mythology intrigues.

Lory Lee said...

I'm with you Lucy! Not just me but my whole family, we're curious about how did the dragon came to be and why every time we think of it, we always come up with the words, strength, power and of course luck.

Linda Henderson said...

I like the mystery of the dragon, I find it fascinating. It always makes me wonder if some of the myths of the past were rooted in reality back then. I've always been interested in magic and mythology so the dragon just kind of fits in there.

John said...

This is really worth reading, it has too much details in it and yet it is so simple to understand, Thanks for sharing the picture it has great detail in it and i really appreciate your true artistic work!

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Lucy Monroe said...

Me too, Marybelle. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Lory...There are so many cool theories about it. And I've yet to research them all. :)

Lucy Monroe said...

Linda...don't you think there has to be? So much more to read. ;-)

Lucy Monroe said...

Um...thank you John.

Pat Cochran said...

That is a super cover! Love a conflicted hero
and this hero appears to have more than just
a little conflict handed to him! Looking for-
ward to reading Eirik and Ciara's story.

Pat C.

Eli Yanti said...

Hi Lucy,

I love dragon's story :)