Friday, December 16, 2011

Life's Too Short For Holiday Stress - Lisa Dale

The holidays are upon us. And there seems to be an amazing phenomenon that happens in my house only in December.

I can spend three hours cleaning the house, going from room to room, shuffling misplaced things, ferrying dishes to the sink, corralling wayward books, etc... And the moment I think "I'm done" and I look around, it's as if the Cosmic Magician snapped his fingers and BOOM! Somehow, the house is a disaster again!

It's swift as the transformation that happens when you go to bed on a clear night and you wake up to a foot of snow.

I don't know about you, but I'm in up to my eyeballs. The tree is up (finally) but the presents under it "wrapped" in plastic bags.

The phone rings off the hook (literally off the hook, which means I have to run around lifting pillows and pulling out chairs to see where I left it!).

I also have a new book coming out in two weeks! Talk about crazy busy! (Note to self: Next time publisher says "release date around Christmas time" say "can we reschedule?") It's exciting--I can't wait to share it!--but it's also demanding of a lot of time.

I got a great bit of advice when I got married--I wish I could remember who gave it to me--that applies to the holidays.

"Breathe. Or you'll miss it."

I repeat this mantra all the time. Busyness is a good thing, if you remember to notice that joy that underlies all of the busyness. I for one want to remember. To take time and notice. To pause and savor the blur of life in December.

Wishing you all much happiness and deep breathing,

Lisa Dale

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Mary Preston said...

There is always something to do to prepare for Christmas & family & celebrations.

I'm loving the cover for A PROMISE OF SAFEKEEPING. The key intrigues me.

Lisa Dale said...

Thanks must feel the same way about keys that I do...

There is something so elusive about them!

Michele L. said...

I love the cover of your book Lisa! The ladies dress is so pretty! The key has piqued my curiousity also. Hmmm...I wonder what it opens up?

Have a fantastic Christmas!