Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lisa Dale: Hedgehog Day!

Hi All!

It's a fun weekend here at my house. There's a new member of the family! Her name is Cleopatra and she's an African pygmy hedgehog. She's also the cutest thing in Bergen County NJ.

So far, she's just been sleeping (she is nocturnal) and adjusting to her new home (which is to say, when she isn't sleeping she's an angry, spiked ball of death). I'm looking forward to the day she turns back into the adorable, playful, sweet little girl she was when I met her at the breeders. One must be patient with these babies!

I got interested in hedgehogs when, funny enough, the main character in a new book that I'm putting together had a cat who--in a later draft--turned into a hedgehog. A hedgehog fit the character's personality better than a cat: quirky, adorable, and a little protective of herself. I thought: If my character can have a hedgehog for a pet, why can't I?

So I started looking into it and found out that I could. Hedgies aren't really easy pets, but they're cute as all get out. And they can be quite sweet.

Cleo's pretty much the highlight of my weekend. So rather than blog about her twice, I'll ask you to pop over to my blog to see more cute pix of her!

And if you leave a comment you'll be entered to win my LOVE TO READERS prize.

Good things,

Lisa Dale


Caroline said...

Awwwww she's *gorgeous*. Love hecks (as we call them here in the UK) they are so, so cute. Caroline x

Mary Kirkland said...

Awww she's so cute.

Desere said...

Oh she is just too cute for words looks so adorable !!!!

The Brunette Librarian said...

Stopped by your blog earlier. LOVE the pictures! :)

Melanie Milburne said...

So cute!

Kaelee said...

Cleopatra is adorable. I popped over to your website and read the blog. She will get used to you. Now she needs a buddy.

Anne McAllister said...

What a sweetie, Lisa! I'm sure she'll settle in soon. Enjoy!

Laurie G said...

Hi Lisa,

I didn't realize that you could have a hedgehog for a pet. What does her fur(?) feel like?

Laurie G said...

OOPS! Just read about her quills on your blog. She is adorable!

Lisa Dale said...

Thanks all!

I was so worried she wasn't going to like me, but last night we had a very nice "getting to know you" session and I think we're on the right track.

I'll have to post a video of what she looks like when she's pissed! She is seriously scary! :-)

And those quills are def sharp!

But when she's being lovely...oh man...the cutest thing in the world. Luckily she seems to have a nice personality, and once she settles in and feels safe, I think we'll be good friends.

Caroline: Love hecks? Where does that come from? I will have to Google! Thanks for telling me!

Michele L. said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutey pie! She looks scary to touch though.

traveler said...

Simply adorable and unique. What a sweetie. Thanks.

petite said...

This is something out of the ordinary for sure. Love the photos and great idea.