Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Message of Hope and Healing -- Michelle Monkou

Today, I turn our focus on the natural disasters that have been hitting various parts of the U.S, and of course, in other countries, most notably--Haiti, Japan. Areas have been devastated by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and floods. Communities have been ripped apart with loss of life, the injured and missing members of families. Hope, faith and perseverance are sorely tested, and yet, we see heroic deeds and random acts of kindness that refill the reservoir of our spirit when we most need it.

Now and in the aftermath, resources will be taxed and depleted. Charitable organizations will make their appeal. Religious institutions will ask for your help. Calls for volunteers will be sent out. We are a global community beyond race, religion, and other artificial boundaries. Whatever assistance we can provide, I'm sure will be appreciated.

Moreover, beyond the physical toll, will be the emotional pain of recovery. Doctors, psychologists, therapists will play a part in so many lives. Even as storytellers, while volunteer time, money, and donations continue, we also play a role in the emotional recovery with our stories of love, hope, reconnecting with family, celebrating new friendships. Our tales of empowerment motivate and inspire when the weight of the world seems heavy.

In the same spirit of the saying: "It takes a village to raise a child." It will take all of us to rebuild our global communities.

Michelle Monkou


Mary Preston said...

The world is in such turmoil with all the natural disasters (seriously who needs terrorists to reek havoc.) I agree about everyone needing to lend a hand. Even the smallest gesture can help. Help out a neighbor, a friend, a stranger. Help out.

Jo's Daughter said...

A beautiful post and so true about the small things being meaningful. Even a brave smile and a hug can be helpfull to someone.

Kaelee said...

Everyday seems to bring news of another disaster but to counterbalance it everyday also brings news of someone going the extra mile to help. I like to hope that everyone does their bit. With our personal world expanding because of the instant news we get from all over the world we know that we all have to pitch in and help.

Christina Hollis said...

Thanks for a wonderful post, Michelle. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone suffering from these terrible disasters.