Monday, April 18, 2011

Melanie Milburne: Where Do Stories Come From?

Ask any writer what question they get asked the most and I bet is is: Where do you get your ideas from? I get asked it a lot but lately I've been analyzing what actually happens when a story idea forms in my head.

My latest release is a classic example of how a writer's mind works. I was talking to a lovely tradesman who was doing some work for us at home a couple of years ago. He was tall and dark and handsome, all that a hero should be in my opinion! But he had a health condition that he found really troubling. It had plagued him for years. He had felt such shame and embarrassment about not being able to predict when he would have a seizure. They were not frequent and only occurred at night but he found it hard to hold down a relationship with that burden hanging over him.

So what did my writer's brain do? I immediately started to think about a man who loved a young woman but had to cut her from his life in case the surgery that might fix this tormenting problem went wrong. All surgery,even the most common operations can cause complications, so it was a very real fear in Luca's mind. What if something went wrong?

Now, you might ask why didn't he just tell Bronte about his condition?

Well, the other thing that an alpha male needs apart from those stop-you-in-your-tracks good looks is pride. He had told no one of his condition.

I'll let you read Unclaimed Baby to find out the rest of the story but I just wanted to demonstrate how a conversation can evolve into a story.

It's one of the best parts of the writing process, idea floating around, faces of characters forming, personalities and hardships they might face. I get to torture people but then I make them happy again which is immensely satisfying.

Happy reading!

Melanie Milburne


Mary Preston said...

I love the idea of taking snippets from the air and creating a story around it. Most people will hear something & that's it but a writer will store it away for the future.


Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Marybelle,
You are so right. Not everyone thinks the same way. I find since I've been writing full time that I am much more sensitive to the subtext of what people say. It's like a radar I have now that I didn't have before. Mind you, if could be because I am older and wiser now!

Nas said...

Thanks for sharing. It is interesting to learn where and how writers get their ideas from and then how they develop it into a full romantic story.

desere_steenberg said...

Thank you for a stunning post Melanie I love learning how you come up with your stories !

Take Care,

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Nas and Desere,
Nice of you to drop by! Hope you are well.

Unknown said...

Now that's a teaser. What kind of condition does Luca have?

Thank you for sharing this tidbit with us. I like hearing where a story comes from.

Melanie Milburne said...

Hi Kaelee,
You'll have to read the book to find out! Hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for dropping by.

Natalie Anderson said...

Oooh Melanie - I really want to read this now!!! Sounds great - I too love hearing how other writers find ideas - it's amazing how those sparks can pop up so instantly and unexpectedly - one of the most fun things :)