Monday, April 28, 2008

danger's kiss

Hello, dear readers...

I have a book coming out this week (woohoo!), and there’s nothing that excites an author as much as the arrival of their “baby.” My little bundle of joy, DANGER’S KISS, will arrive on May 1st. I hope you’ll forgive me if I gush like a new mother.

If you’re as much as fan of medieval romance as I am, you know the plots often involve Lady So-and-So being forced to wed Lord What’s-His-Name for political gain. But what about the rest of the folk--the butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker--the commoners who were free to marry for love?

Sometimes, instead of Brad and Angelina, I’d like to hear about the courtship of John the trucker and Mary the Kindergarten teacher. That’s what inspired me to write DANGER’S KISS. I wanted to weave a tale I could relate to, where the hero and heroine don’t live in an ivory tower, don’t dine on sweetmeats, and don’t always play nice.

DANGER’S KISS is sort of a Sheriff of Nottingham meets The Artful Dodger adventure in which Nicholas Grimshaw, upstanding officer of the law, living happily alone in his thatched cottage, makes the mistake of taking mercy upon a beautiful scam artist by the name of Desiree and, instead of hanging her for her thievery, indentures her as his servant.

Sleight of hand and sleight of heart ensue as the two clash over what’s right versus what’s just, and moral lines become blurred as lawman and outlaw fall recklessly in love. Yet in the end, these two simple folk prove more honorable than their superiors as they work together to foil a nefarious noblewoman’s treacherous scheme.

To research DANGER’S KISS, I mingled with a great bunch of peasants--medieval reenactors with fascinating “lives” who were delighted to share their stories. In fact, a marvelous magician named Silvermane showed me the clever sleight of hand tricks that Desiree uses in the book!

Here’s my trailer. Turn up the volume, and enjoy:

I hope you find DANGER’S KISS an earthy, refreshing glimpse into medieval times, and I’m wagering the romance and adventure will keep you up all night! Let me know if it did at

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cheryl c said...

Oooh! "Danger's Kiss" sounds wonderful! You are right, most stories involve the lord and lady, so this is a different slant. The Midieval Time Period is fascinating, and I bet you had fun researching for this book. I hope you have lots of success with your "new baby." I loved the trailer. It definitely makes you want to read the book.

Estella said...

Great trailer!

Jane said...

I love the premise of "Danger's Kiss." I haven't read a medieval romance in a long time.

Pat Cochran said...

Like Jane, I haven't ventured into the medieval days in some time. I
look forward to finding your books
and bringing them into my modern

Pat Cochran