Friday, October 26, 2007

The Enchantment of Romance - Edith Layton

My latest book, BRIDE ENCHANTED, from AVON, is slightly paranormal. As the title says, it is about enchantment. But before you write it off as a Fantasy and go seeking a "Romance" - just think: isn't all romance a sort of fantasy and a kind of enchantment?

Love, after all, blurs our vision of reality. A thousand love songs talk about hearing singing when there's no one there, and smelling flowers in the dead of winter. This is a perfectly normal reaction to finding love. Poets have passed the centuries trying to define love. But to paraphrase what the judge said about pornography - we know it when we feel it.

Love confuses us when it's not reciprocal. It's more of a hex than an enchantment when that happens. Life becomes wretched, it's like being cursed.But if love is returned, it turns our faces and futures rosy, and makes us feel that we walk on air. It affects our physical selves: It speeds up our hearts, races our pulses, and even bolsters our immune systems. It affects all our perceptions, making us more beautiful in our own eyes, and our loved ones become beautiful beyond human power to describe.

Sometimes love can last the generations. Sometimes, it's gone by the morning light, like faerie gold. It's a worthy goal, but like the rainbow, it can't be pursued.

To be loved, we must try to be more loveable ourselves.The rest is up to Fate.
That's love. That's natural. And that's paranormal too, isnt it?

BRIDE ENCHANTED is about that kind of love, and more. Here's wishing every bride is enchanted!



Cherie J said...

Sounds like a wonderful story.

Nathalie said...

The cover looks so romantic :)

Lily said...

The cover and story makes me want to search for your book!