Thursday, November 09, 2006

Margaret McDonagh - introducing myself and my books

I am so honoured to be asked to join the wonderful authors already part of this blog. Many thanks to Lee for including me. Having been writing for twenty years, doing short stories, serials and story library novellas, I still cannot believe the dream has come true and I have a "proper book"! The last eleven months since my first Medical romance was accepted by Harlequin Mills & Boon has flown by and I still think I am dreaming, that all this really is not happening to me! It is the most amazing feeling. I will never forget the moment when my brilliant and supportive editor phoned to tell me that they were going to publish my book! Having an actual copy of that first book in my hands still hardly makes it seem any more real.

My first Medical romance novel, The Italian Doctor's Bride, was out in the UK in October 2006. (Available via the Mills & Boon website until the end of this month and online at Amazon!!)

Set in beautiful south-west Scotland, it tells the story of workaholic rural GP Hannah Frost, a woman with a painful past, and new Italian locum, the delicious Nic di Angelis, who also has memories to overcome. The last thing Hannah thinks she needs is a man in her life, but can Nic, caring and dedicated, help Hannah to heal?

(Iker Casillas, Spanish soccer goalkeeper proved a more than adequate model of inspiration for Nic!) The Italian Doctor's Bride is out in Australia and New Zealand in December 2006 which is very exciting.

I have chosen to stay with the rural Scottish feel for my novels and I hope this is something readers will enjoy. Although they stand alone, all the books are loosely linked and various characters will pop up again from time to time. I love that feeling of continuity and the rural Scottish locations also allow that feeling of community and of medical professionals who really know and care about their patients.

My second Medical is called A Doctor Worth Waiting For and is out in the UK in March 2007 and April 2007 in the US. I have seen the hardback (released in the UK in January 2007) and the cover is gorgeous - very atmospheric with the hills and rugged landscape.

The scrumptious, naughty and laid back hero, GP Conor Anderson is one of the county's most elligible bachelors. He is looking for that one special woman who will capture his heart - and he thinks he has found her in new doctor, Kate Fisher. But Kate is hiding many secrets and Conor must first unravel her mysteries and gain her trust if he ever hopes to also win her heart and make Kate his partner in life and well as in the practice.

Next will be His Very Special Nurse in June 2007 (UK paperback) with troubled doctor Kyle Sinclair and Alexandra Patterson, the dedicated, caring nurse who might teach him to live and love again. This will be followed in August 2007 (UK paperback) by One Special Night, a tale of passion and conflict, of the impossible choice doctors Cameron Kincaid and Ginger O'Neill must make between their duty and responsibility for their work versus their desire and need for each other.

It has been the most amazing year and I am so very grateful for the warm welcome and generous advice offered by so many other writers. I cannot believe my books are on the shelves with those of authors I have admired for so long! They are an amazing bunch of people.

Lee has done a terrific job with her website and her goodie bags. This new blog in which various authors can share their thoughts and news on their books is wonderful and I really appreciate being able to take part.

For now I had best leave you in peace and return to my work in progress, the latest tale from southern Scotland relating the trials and tribulations of Frazer and Callie who work together as doctor and paramedic one hectic, snowy December on the air ambulance! Callie is putting up a bit of a fight at the moment - will Frazer prevail?!

Best wishes,


Annie West said...


I enjoyed your post and I have to say that the idea of heroes in country Scotland really appeals - as does that cover for 'A Doctor Worth Waiting For'.

I'm fast approaching the end of my first year as a contracted Harlequin author too so I understand what a big year it's been for you.



Susan Rix said...

(((Mags))), how wonderful to see you here!

I have to say, I LOVE the cover for A Doctor Worth Waiting For, and I can't wait to read it!

Sue :-)

Margaret McDonagh said...

Thank you both very much, Annie and Sue.

Annie, it has been the most amazing year - as you know yourself! I am so thrilled for you, too! And it will be an honour to be shelfmates in Australia in December!

Sue, good luck with your own writing. I hope you are here one day, too.

The cover is stupendous - just a shame he has the wrong colour hair! (I'll hope to put up a photo of my "inspiration" nearer publication time - and when I really get the hang of how to work things given I am such a technophobe!) The hardback cover is Romance pink but the paperback in the UK will be back to the customary Med green.

Best wishes,

Anne McAllister said...

Lovely guy, your Conor. I'm impressed! Looking forward to reading his story!

juliemt said...


I really enjoyed reading your post and I can't wait to read A Doctor Worth Waiting For! I loved The Italian Doctor's Bride and I am sure that your second novel will be just as wonderful!


Liz Fielding said...

Love, Iker, Margaret. But then I loved the book!

Margaret McDonagh said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments, Anne, Julie and Liz, I really appreciate it.

So glad you like Iker! I'll post a picture of my inspiration for Conor nearer publication time - he is actually meant to be dark blond and the cover photo for this one would have been perfect for Kyle in Med number 3! But the rugged hilly landscape is just perfect - and the guy on the cover is pretty scrummy!

I'm so glad to hear that people have enjoyed The Italian Doctor's Bride, thank you so much, and I hope I don't let you down with future stories.

Best wishes,