Saturday, November 12, 2016

What's in A Name with Kate Walker

Last time I posted on here, I talked about the fact that I was celebrating my 65th published title.  I even asked what sort of gift or other way of celebrating I could come up with to mark this occasion

It was supposed to be a ‘sky blue’ celebration. – which sounded lovely.,
But last weekend I was away on a break with some wonderful friends and they came up with a fabulous gift to mark this special milestone book and this was it:

A  scarf, printed with all the names of all the heroes and all the heroines in all my 65 books.  (There’s an extra one in there for me and my dh The Babe Magnet as well so that makes 67 names!) Someone went  to a lot of trouble to find them all and design this scarf with them on.
Isn’t it wonderful?

So now I’m reminded of one of the little things in my writing that I’m very proud of  - I’ve never repeated a hero or a heroine’s name  in any of my stories. Sometimes it’s be  difficult, sometimes downright hard – but so far I’ve always managed it.  It helps me to feel that I’m writing about someone new, someone whose story I haven’t told – if they have a name I haven’t used before.
So now I’m on my 66th book. The revisions  (tweaks) my editor asked for are just about done and I’m planning the  follow up – hopefully the 67th. I already have names for the hero and heroine of the 66th – they’re  Imogen and Raoul. And the follow up  already has the names in place as  these 2 characters appear in the 66th – so they are Ciara and  - well,  her hero’s name started out being Aidan,  but it just wouldn’t work.  Even though he’s meant to be Irish – or part Irish – the name just wouldn’t ‘gel’.   

Then I realised why. Back in 1999  - and almost forgotten – I had a hero called Aidan. He appeared in a book called The Groom's Revenge.  And I’d already told his story – so I needed a new 
name.  Somehow when I looked at this name and just moved letters around a bit I found a new name that worked – Adnan. And that felt just right. But it changed ‘Aidan’ completely and the differences altered the story – for the better, I think!

So Adnan he is and I’ll be telling his story next just as soon as I’ve sent Imogen and Raoul’s story off to my editor.
And after that? I don’t know? I’ll have to think of a new pair of names for book 68!!   Do you have any ideas? What sort  names do you like for a hero   or a heroine?  Do you have any suggestions that might inspire me? If I use your suggestions I’ll let you know and maybe share a copy of the book with you . . .when I get it done!

You can find further details on all of these books over on my web site.
Meanwhile the 65th title Indebted to Moreno is in the shops now.

In the meantime, all  up to date news will be posted on my blog  or my Facebook page.

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