Saturday, November 19, 2016

Maggie Marr: Home For The Holidays

I love the holidays. Every year I express my joy about the holiday season by writing a holiday book. My past books have included A Christmas Billionaire , The Christmas Wish , and A Billionaire for Christmas  . This year, I had the extra-special gift of sharing my love for the holidays with nine other authors. I was invited by Allison Bell to be a part of a Holiday Anthology. I was both delighted and excited by this invitation.

The theme for our project was 'coming home for the holidays' hence the title Home For The Holidays. I'll also admit that my excitement wasn't just about the subject matter, my excitement was also over the fantastic authors I got to work with. I am a *BIG* fan of authors. I've worked with all kinds of famous-types from politicians to directors to producers to actors and I have to say the most fan-girl swoony I get is with authors. 

I adore authors. 

To the point where sometimes around an author I'm particularly fond of, it's hard for me to speak. Seriously, I have a hard time forming words--and words are my business. 

The line up in Home For The Holidays is just that fabulous. I've downloaded my copy and read every story and I have to say I've enjoyed each and everyone. Much like the holiday season, this anthology is only around for a limited time so if you'd like to read 10 romances at the extra low price of .99 go on and get your copy of Home For The Holidays now. I know that my fellow authors' stories have really put me in the mood for the holiday season and I hope they do the same for you!

Happy Reading!!


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