Sunday, November 06, 2016

Addison Fox: Quotes

I’ll admit it, I’m a freak for quotes. I love them – those small amalgams of words that when put together leave us with tiny pieces of inspiration. I have them everywhere – most often on scraps of paper – and tucked in random pages of notebooks. They’re words I’ve convinced myself I’ll use again in the future (I really need to get a better filing system, by the way), equally convinced I will know exactly where to find that particular quote when I need it.

That crummy filing system often conspires against me, but I’ve not yet let that deter me. More, when I do find the exact right quote for a project, it’s like finding a small gem, hidden away just waiting to be discovered.

I love the way the right quote can sum up a book or a character’s journey and I needed one for the my latest project. I found what I needed, but while searching I came across another. I don’t have a use for it yet, but I can almost see the story that would spring from this:

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”  -- Shakespeare

The words are powerful, as the Bard is so capable of, and so very human, too. In many ways, this phrase is the reason I write. I know my characters – I see them as clearly as if they were standing before me – but it’s in the writing that I come to know who they will be. It’s the joy of the job and it’s the mind-numbing frustration of it, all rolled into one.

Of course, I’m glad today I finally wrote this one down. You never know when I may need to pull it out, brush it off and use this quote for just the right occasion.

Thanks for joining me today!

Despite early ambitions of being a diver, a drummer or a doctor, Addison Fox happily discovered she was more suited to life as a writer. She lives in New York and - thankfully - doesn't have to operate on anyone. You can find her at her home on the web at Her latest two releases, AT LAST from St. Martin’s Swerve and A HUNTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE from Harlequin Nocturne are currently available. You can visit her at her website at

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