Thursday, June 09, 2016

Jobs for the girls – Kandy Shepherd

I’m in the planning stages of a new story and looking at career options for my heroine. It made me think about the occupations I’ve given to my heroines in previous books.

Chefs and former chefs feature—I like writing about food. Then there are accountants and bankers, advertising executive, dog nanny, gardener, and interior designer.

I enjoy both reading and writing a chef heroine

 The heroine of my July release for Harlequin Romance The Bridesmaid’s Baby Bump, Eliza Dunne, is the Business Director of the party planning business she runs with the heroines of the first two books in the Sydney Brides mini-series: Gift-Wrapped in Her Wedding Dress (Design Director) and Crown Prince’s Chosen Bride (Food Director). The first two heroines in the series are the creatives, Eliza is the finance and marketing brains behind the business.

I love a business savvy heroine

I really enjoyed writing her story, as I have my other accountants and bankers. Why, I’m not sure, as I am practically innumerate myself. Maybe it’s because these fictional people are so different in aptitude to me and I get a chance to live another life through them!

Then there are heroines in glamorous occupations, like fashion, media or entertainment

I love reading about heroines (and heroes) in different occupations and businesses—and how it relates to their personalities and aims in life. Florist, nanny, cop, writer, artist, antique shop owner, doctor, nurse, horse trainer, secretary, fire fighter, veterinarian, librarian, mechanic, fashion designer, archaeologist—so many heroines, so many different jobs.

Do you have a favorite occupation for a heroine? Or an occupation that’s a no-no? Does it matter what job the heroine does? Please make a comment—I’d love to read your thoughts!

The three Party Queens books are published by Harlequin Romance in North America as the Sydney Brides mini-series. (Mills & Boon Cherish in the UK; Mills &;Boon Forever Romance in Australia and New Zealand.)

The Bridesmaid’s Baby Bump will be released on July 1, 2016 and is available for pre-order now.

Kandy Shepherd is an award-winning author of contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She lives on a small farm in the Blue Mountains near Sydney, Australia, with her family and a menagerie of four-legged friends.

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penney said...

Great blog today this sounds good I love that cover. I'm looking forward to reading this, thanks

NoraA said...

What about someone who is a personal chef. He or She would be hired by people to cook for parties and affairs in the client's kitchen (which adds to the chef's angst levels).

Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you, Penney, it is a lovely cover isn't it. I'm very pleased with it. Hope you enjoy the story!

Kandy Shepherd said...

I love that idea, NoraA - in fact I have a story with a personal chef heroine that I must revisit and finish. Thank you for the reminder! I do enjoy my chef heroines.

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Kandy! So looking forward to reading your Baby Bump book. It looks fabulous - and haven't you been blessed with some gorgeous, romantic covers?

I love it when the heroine has an unusual job. I love learning something when I read a book. One of my faves is a Fiona Harper (I think) where the heroine sold vintage clothing from a market stall. That was so much fun - and of course she got to be Cinderella at the ball in one of her vintage dresses when the hero asked her to be his partner at some glam event. As you know, I LOVE vintage clothing so this was right up my alley.

I think my fave occupation of one of your heroines has been the gardener. That was such a lovely story and I loved how she had a knack for bringing things to life, including the hero. If anyone wants a lovely story, don't miss Hired by the Brooding Billionaire. I still want that house!

Kandy Shepherd said...

Thank you for calling by Anna. So hope you'll enjoy THE BRIDESMAID'S BABY BUMP. The heroine actually wears vintage and vintage inspired clothing -- it's her way of expressing her creativity. I love reading about heroines in unusual jobs too. I must get hold of that Fiona Harper one!

So glad you liked my gardener heroine in HIRED BY THE BROODING BILLIONAIRE - thanks for your kind words. I think Shelley is actually my favourite of all my heroines. That sounds a bit unfaithful as an author, doesn't it, but I suspect you might have a favourite of your heroines too!

Mary Preston said...

I do like a heroine who works outdoors. Not afraid to get her hands dirty.

Devika Fernando said...

I have to say I give it quite some thought what job my heroine is going to have. I love jobs that make them travel or meet people from all wakes of life. But there really isn't anything I would not like or would not consider. Chefs are great, they come with yummy recipes to share. ;-)

Vanessa Barneveld said...

Hi, Kandy! Can't wait to read The Bridesmaid’s Baby Bump! Not long now!

Numbers aren't my strong point, but I do have great respect for the mathematically inclined. :) I do love a self-made heroine. Oh, and writer heroines. Can't be too many writer heroines. :)

Laney4 said...

Hi, Kandy!
Alas, I don't have favorite occupations, etc. Variety is the spice of life, they say, and I like to mix them up. Whether I'm reading about a high-powered CEO, a hometown baker, a terrible secretary, someone surviving health problems, or even a spoiled heiress just doesn't matter to me. It's the romance part of the story that means the most to me - and I just love the way you put the words together to make me believe in their love and passion along the way to their HEA. Thanks so much for providing me with such sweet dreams!