Thursday, March 31, 2016

In Like a Lion, Out Like....What?

 . . . a lamb.... March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Or it's supposed to! Considering our excessively mild winter here in the mid-Atlantic area, March came in quietly, too!  Yes, you hear disappointment in my voice over the lack of winter - and especially the lack of snow. We had one 'blizzard' and a handful of 'polite' snows (you know the kind - the snow lands only on the grass and the roads are completely clear?). Not impressed. 

  Worse, the mild winter is leading us to a terrible allergy season - estimates say that there will be 30-35% more pollen. . . I'm wheezing already! LOL! 

  In my life, I think it will be the opposite path - March has been my quiet time. I've taken the month to recuperate from a really punishing writing/publishing schedule over the last 2+ years. I've written/revised/edited/re-wrote 6 books in 30 months....alternating between two series and publishers. So, for this little short time, I don't have a writing deadline and have taken a deep breath and let it out. (No worries - since it won't last!)

    April is always a very busy month for me - regardless of any writing commitments - and this year will be no different. I'm really excited because of a new opportunity for me - I'll be attending the LoveLetters Convention in Berlin, Germany! I've heard so many good things about this romance readers' convention and am thrilled to have the chance to attend as a featured author. I'll be presenting a talk about Traveling and Researching along with Michelle Willingham (with lots of photos of Scotland and Ireland and England), meeting readers during 'Speed Dating' and signing my latest German release -Der Highlander und die stolze Schönheit aka The Highlander's Dangerous Temptation. That's so cool since that is the book that hit the USA Today's bestselling list here in the US! 

     My only concern is that I might cause an international incident if I try to speak German. Foreign languages are certainly not my forte so I'll try to not to offend anyone during my trip! 

     This is my first time visiting Berlin and Germany -- if you have any suggestions about places to visit or see, anything I should not miss, please post it in a comment below! I need some suggestions for sightseeing. 

  And, at home, I'll be celebrating the release  Blazing Earth, the third book in my Stone Circle fantasy historical romance series. Writers talk about the 'black moment' in a story - the point in the story when everything falls apart and a happily-ever-after cannot be possible. This book is the black moment of my series, when the Warriors of Destiny face their darkest fears and the fate of humanity is at risk. It was a scary, emotional story for me to write and I am so thrilled with the results.... 

As has happened with the first two in the series, I seem to be tapped into something cosmic while planning and writing this book, too. In choosing locations for my stone circles, I avoided the best known ones and selected others nearby - or made them up. In setting this story in England, I did not want to use Stonehenge (too obvious!) so I looked around the area on maps and decided on a site a couple of miles away, a place that just seemed natural for a stone circle. So, imagine my shock when research about the Stonehenge area was published, showing a massive circle located in Durrington Wall -- um....where MY circle is!! Crazy but true! Hope you'll give it a try! 

So - how has your March been? Looking forward to anything in April? Any suggestions for what to see in Germany? Let me know! 

Terri is working on some future projects and getting ready for her trip to Germany. Make sure to stop by her FB page at 6pm EDT on Friday, 4/1 for some exciting news for lovers of Scottish historical romances.. Or connect with Terri through her website for lots more info!     

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dstoutholcomb said...

I'm in the Mid-Atlantic, too, so my weather is very similar to yours. I did get more snow than you during the blizzard. Not bragging.

I've never been to Germany, so I can't help you there.