Friday, February 19, 2016

Margaret Marr: The Blessing of Community

This past week I attended a Romance writer's conference and as I often am, when surrounded by Romance writers, I was blown away by the intelligence, kindness, generosity and professionalism of my peers. I don't know why I'm ever surprised that the writers in my genre possess these qualities. I've been a published author since 2008 and a Romance author since 2009 and I know without doubt that the writer's of Romance are creative authors and savvy business people nearly always leading the way with regards to changes in the publishing industry. 

I think what I am always struck with is the sense of community among Romance writers. A group that is willing to share business information as well as discuss plot. These discussions take place whether you're a newbie with your first book or a veteran with a decade of experience and fifteen books published...I was a bit shocked to discover that I'd somehow, over the past two years, slid from newbie to veteran with the publication of The Glamour Series and my ongoing Eligible Billionaires Series. I tilted my head a bit when referenced by a younger author as being 'more established'.  

What I took away from the conference wasn't just new information on craft, marketing, business, or advertising. No, my biggest take-away was my reconfirmed sense of community. That while I may sit alone at my computer screen for hours, days, and weeks hammering away words that the imaginary people in my head tell me, that I while I work alone, I am not alone. There are too many of my friends and fellow authors out there working too and within three keystrokes away (thank you social media!) that I can check in with. This deepening sense of friendship and knowledge that I am entrenched in a caring and vibrant community is a blessing. A blessing for which I am (often) overwhelmed with gratitude. I simply can't overemphasize what an amazing group of authors the Romance community is and how wonderful it is to be a part of this group. 

Happy Reading!

xo Maggie

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Maggie Marr is an author & attorney. She got her start in Hollywood pushing the mail cart where she became a motion picture literary agent. She now splits her time between her legal practice dedicated to entrepreneurs & creatives, and writing. She writes smart, sexy, men and the women that love them. She is the author of The Hollywood Girls Club Series, TheEligible Billionaires Series, TheGlamour Series, and The Powder Springs Series. You can find her on,  Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.  

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