Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kristina Knight: Welcome to Las Vegas

I have a love affair with Las Vegas. For every person who hates it - and some hate the glittering, neon-ringed, gambling den with a passion - I can come up with a reason to love it. Not all of those reasons are found on the Strip, either. Some, of course, are.

Like, the neon. I know, I know. Neon is ugly during the day, it's wasteful, the old signs clutter up landfills. I know all of these things. But after the sun goes down and before the moon comes out, you can look out of your hotel suite and the Vegas Strip is transformed into a fairyland. Twinkling lights, brilliant colors and fantastical displays as far as the eye can's a very modern display, but it is also very beautiful.

Or, if you're not into neon, you can go into the desert to watch the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. I love sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, but there is something completely other-worldly about the grey-to-pink-to-blue changes that take place over the Canyon at takes your breath away.

And then there is the food. We've been to Vegas at least 5 times now, and I've never found one of those mythical 99-cent buffets. Even if I did, I probably wouldn't eat there because there are places like the Original Lindo Michoacan and a local brick over pizza place that we stumbled onto just off the strip... and there are the fancy options at Cesar's and the Luxor.

I love vacationing in Vegas, and that's part of the reason I set my Billionaire Cowboys trilogy there - because it gave me an excuse to go back (it was a business expense!!) while researching the books...and it also gives me the chance to go back every day that I'm drafting or editing one of the books.

Tell me, where is your favorite vacation spot?

About What the Bachelor Gets:

The Billionaire Cowboys trilogy by best-selling author Kristina Knight kicks off with a seductive story of long-simmering feelings and hot Vegas nights.

When Vegas Nightly names local property developer Gage Reeves as its sexiest bachelor, he's barraged with a stream of showgirls, local socialites, and entertainers who all expect something from him. But all Gage wants is to make a success of his new luxury shopping development.

Enter Callie Holliday. Callie dreams of having the hottest day spa in Vegas, but she's saddled with a bad location and an account balance full of zeroes. When she walks into a last-chance meeting with an angel investor and finds herself face to face with Gage, the childhood friend on whom she had a huge crush, she's not sure his reputation is the right match for her business. But then he offers her a storefront in his new high-end retail complex, and she has to admit it's a thoroughly tempting proposition. But feelings she thought were long buried threaten to turn their deal from strictly professional to decidedly personal.

It's risky business gambling on love . . .

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