Monday, May 04, 2015

CJ Carmichael: Cleaning & Purging


It’s May. I can’t believe it. April was a blur of writing for me. Today I’m putting the final touches on Forgotten before sending it off to my editor. My publishing team should have the book out by May 21 and I’m very excited about that.

The few times I’ve poked my head out of my writing cave the past while have been to deal with the renovations Mike is supervising around here. We’ve re-done the ceilings, painted, and updated our kitchen sink and island. It’s all part of my natural inclination to clean & purge before summer comes. (And then I just want to be outside!)

Part of the purging process this year, is reducing the number of backlist books I have stored in boxes in the basement. They’re not doing any good there! So I’m working hard to give away as many as I can.

If you’d like to help me with this, please sign up for my newsletter—I draw names from that list all the time and send surprise packages of autographed backlist books.

Or, if you happen to work or volunteer or frequently visit a senior’s care home, please send me an email through my website and give me the address of the care home and I’ll send them some books.
Do you get swept up by Spring Cleaning plans? If so, what are you focusing on this year?

Happy Cleaning & Purging!

CJ Carmichael


Laney4 said...

Hey, CJ!
You shouldn't have asked that question, LOL!
My daughter is getting married May 30. After years of looking at chips in doorframes, I got my husband to agree to paint the kitchen, dining room, and living room walls/ceiling. Since the bridesmaids are changing in our tiny master bedroom, he agreed to pull down the 30-year-old wallpaper on wall that was pulling out by the seams and replace it with a differently coloured wall paint. Since company was staying in our rec room and we'd never painted the two walls down there in the 32 years we've lived here (but the walls had stains from pop exploding years ago, unbeknownst to us), he agreed to paint the two walls and ceiling down there. Next thing you know, we've painted the upstairs and downstairs hallways because they're the same colour as the main floor, we've stripped wallpaper and border on the main floor too, we've painted the laundry room and office walls, and we've replaced the 55-year-old indoor/outdoor carpeting (with holes) in our rec room, laundry room, and my office with carpet tiles. We finished the last of the tiling on Saturday and are still trying to put things back. As you know, it IS a great cleansing project, as I have rearranged my office and changed the furniture up in various rooms too. Sure hope I'm done by next Tuesday when I'm hosting a Tupperware shower/open house for up to 100 people strolling through here!

dstoutholcomb said...

getting rid of magazines--I'm a magazine hoarder.

Already subscribed to the newsletter.


Eileen A-W said...

I have so much cleaning to do in my house that I don't know where to start. Since my mom is visiting in a few days I will swiffer dust & swiffer & vacumm the floors, clean up the kitcfhen counters. All superficial but hopefully it will be enough. I'm already subscribed to your newsletter.

CJ Carmichael said...

Laney, I'm impressed! We just tackled our main floor this year. Next year we'll do the bedrooms, then the year after that the basement. Hope your daughter has a lovely wedding!

Denise--I know! It's so hard to recycle those beautiful magazines!

Eileen--that sounds good to me! Enjoy your Mom's visit! :)

CJ Carmichael said...

Oh, ladies, if you email me your addresses I will mail you one of my pesky backlist books. :) Send to: cj at

Mary Kirkland said...

I do get caught up in cleaning plans but it's usually when I'm looking just to tackle one box and instead go through the entire closet. lol