Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lori Wilde: The Bucket List

January usually gets people thinking about resolutions or their intention for the new year, but this year I decided to make a list of a 1001 things to do before I die. For inspiration, I turned to the Internet because at my age, I better get cracking if I want to fit all this in. Which meant doing five things a month I’d never done before.

My list for January was:

       1) Do crow pose (in yoga).
I did! I managed to hold the pose for a full…oh…five seconds, but I did it. Next month, headstands.

       2)  Eat something I’d never eaten before.
Okay, I chickened out from anything exotic and had parsnips. Meh, they weren’t bad, but no party in my mouth. Maybe if I’d used more butter?

       3) Learn a new language.
Clearly, I wasn’t going to learn a new language in a month, but I bought a
Spanish learning program and dove in. Time will tell if I stick with it. It would be nice to say something more than “Hola” when I go back to Costa Rica in November.

       4) Trace my family tree.
I joined, had my DNA tested and discovered some interesting things. Family history, and a lot of family names, had me believing I was mostly Scottish, but I learned the bulk of my DNA came from western Europe and Ireland. Put away the haggis and past the potatoes and French pastries. Whew! Now I’m seriously addicted to tracking down those ancestors.

       5)   Knit something out of cashmere.
I bought the cashmere (cha-ching) but I’m too afraid to knit with it in case I     mess it up.

My list for February is:

1) Learn how to make a trendy cocktail. (Any suggestions?)
2) Start seedlings indoors for a food garden. (It’s sad, I know, I’ve never had my own garden. For those freaking out that I’ll be starting them too soon, this is Texas. Flowers start blooming around here at the end of February.)
3) Do a headstand. (This is happening.)
4) Visit Caddo Lake in East Texas.
5) Try acupuncture.

What about you? Have you ever made a bucket list? If so, what are some of the things you’ve done? If not, what sort of things would you put on your bucket list?


Liz Flaherty said...

I've had a mental bucket list ever since watching Morgan Freeman and Jack Nichollson in the movie, but I've never tried a month-by-month list. Looks like a good idea! Oh, I tried the acupuncture--didn't work for what I tried it for, but I'd try it again.

Good luck!

Danica Favorite said...

Lori, I love this! I've been doing something similar, in terms of deciding that life is short. Instead of waiting for someday to do things I've always dreamed of doing them, I'm doing them today! :)

Amanda (the librarian) said...

Lori, keep in mind that the DNA tests provide ancestry going WAY back, and reflect early migration patterns, not current political boundaries. So some of those Scottish ancestors had ancestors that originated in western Europe (which, when you think about it, is pretty broad) and the Irish isles.

Lori Wilde said...

Hey Liz, thanks for sharing. I find it's important to plan for the things you always want to do "some day".

Lori Wilde said...

Good for you, Danica. You've already achieved many of your dreams, but there are lots more to come. Go to your destiny!

Lori Wilde said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around all that, Amanda. Thanks for your input.

Jessica said...

I am very lucky. I have been able to accomplish some of the things on my bucket list already. I always wanted to cruise to Alaska, so my husband and I went 2 years ago. This year we're going to Chicago for our son's wedding. I've been able to meet some of my favorite authors(which includes you). Still have things to do but feel I am already blessed.

Lori Wilde said...

I loved cruising Alaska. It's a great bucket list dream.