Friday, January 16, 2015

Got the January blues?

The jury is out on exactly which day of the year is the most depressing, but most agree it's definitely in January. Some say it's the first Monday of the first full week back to work after the holidays. Others say it's the day that the Christmas purchases arrive on the credit card bill.

January probably isn't too bad for those of you in the southern hemisphere. At least you're getting your Vitamin D. Most of us in the Great White North are slogging along under grey skies, through snow, bundled tight with our muscles aching from bracing against the chill. And then the credit card bills arrive on top of the heating bill and, oh yeah, we had those new snow tires, too. Ouch!

To combat that gloom, I've lowered the price on my zaniest, most laughter-filled title, Hustled To The Altar, to a very affordable 99c.

It's a silly caper with con artists and a game designer hero who really does not know when to quit, plus loads of twists and turns all taking place the day before the heroine's wedding.

Ironically, I wrote this story long before I started writing for Montana Born, but it's set in Montana--at a hot springs resort.

There is a cure for the January blues. Now that I've thought of it, I might have to talk to the husband about heading to the ones nearest to us. Here's a photo from when we celebrated our twentieth anniversary at Halcyon Hot Springs.

We had quite a laugh as we read the brochure on this one. It said the secret ingredient in the water that makes it so relaxing--and such a cure for depression--is lithium!

I have to admit, however, that I'm a bit like my hero Con. I don't sit still very well so about fifteen minutes after I begin to cook, I start getting restless.

How about you? Do you enjoy visiting hot springs? Any recommendations? How is your January? Got the blues?

Blurb for Hustled To The Altar:

One Con Artist Bride...
The last thing Renny O'Laughlin wants to do on the day before her wedding is see her eccentric ex-boyfriend--the one with more dollars than sense who provokes the thrill-seeker inside her. But his grandmother just got duped. Renny has to tell Con before she marries another man and leaves forever.

One Innovative Ex-Lover...
Games-inventor Conroy Burke won't buckle to convention, especially marriage. He's crazy about Renny though. She's the only woman able to keep up with him. When she explains how Gran was tricked, he sees an opportunity to convince his wildcard she doesn't really want to settle down.

One chance to sting a professional thief...
Renny agrees to identify the swindler to the police, not expecting a caper with inept kidnappers, an ambitious reporter chasing the story--or her old feelings for Con to resurface. Marriage will make an honest woman of her, but getting Gran's money back would prove it too. It all makes for...

One hectic day before a wedding. 

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dstoutholcomb said...

never been to a hot springs location

Michele L. said...

Your book Hustled To The Altar sounds amazing and comical! I adore books with twists and turns. Definitely buying it!