Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ann Roth: Cowboys and Animals … Sigh

This month marks the release of Montana Vet, the third, and probably last book in my Prosperity, Montana miniseries. (Future books will be self-published and take place in a new town with new characters, but I’ll save that for a later blog.)

I love animals and cowboys. J Put them together, and what a winning combo!

Although this hero, Seth Pettit, the long-absent brother of Sly (from book #1) and Dani (from book #2), happens to be a veterinarian specializing in ranch animals. Seth isn’t as good with people as he is with animals, and while he’s happy to be living in Prosperity again, getting back into the good graces of his siblings isn’t so easy. Throw in a mixed-up teenage girl, and… Well, things aren’t always as smooth as we would like.

Emily Miles owns a shelter for abused and abandoned dogs. She is quite a… But I’m not going to give away the story. J That’s for you to read and find out.

Are you an animal lover? What animals do you like to see in the books you read?  Leave a comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of Montana Vet.

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Montana Vet

What she needs...

Emily Miles already has plenty on her plate. She has to care for the dogs she rescues, find staff and volunteers for her shelter, not to mention raise money to keep The Wagging Tail going. So when the new, desperately needed part-time vet starts stirring up her insides, Emily tells herself it's just gratitude she's feeling. She can't jeopardize the shelter by getting involved with Seth Pettit.

Seth has his own plateful: a teenage ward who hates him, an estranged family he's trying to mend fences with and a living to make in small-town Montana. Tough but delicate Emily needs a full-time partner, and that just can't be him. Not as a vet or a man. So why does he want to be both?


dstoutholcomb said...

don't have pets. Love horses in books.

Mary Preston said...

I like all kinds of animals & in stories too. They can add a fun element.

Laurie G said...

I grew up with dogs . 2/4 of my children own pets. I now have two granddoggies, Chase and Bandit and one grandcat, Ellie.

I like dogs,dolphins, wolves, falcons, deer, and horses in books.

One of my favorite books is THE CRICKET IN TIMES SQUARE.
I also liked Watership Down and it's rabbits.

Totebag Guest said...

Horses are great! I use them in some of my books.

Totebag Guest said...

I agree, Mary. There are so many animal lovers out there. :-)

Totebag Guest said...

I love dogs, too, Laurie. And cats. Thanks for the book recommendation. I have read Watership Down and loved it!

Di said...

I do love animals - one of my favorite shows is The Incredible Dr. Pol on National Geo Wild - just caught up on them the other day!
sallans d at yahoo dot com

Totebag Guest said...

Di, I've never heard of Dr. Pol. Thanks for sharing!