Thursday, January 01, 2015

An Italian Treat for New Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you have a marvellous time in 2015.
I'm starting off the year on a high note as I recently released my second Hot Italian Nights novella called BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN. Everything about this story makes me happy, from the actual writing, to the cover (which is so true to the story) to the reader feedback. Here's a taste:
She’s up for sale, and he’s the highest bidder.

Gennaro De Laurentis might prefer motorcycle leathers to Armani, but when it comes to what he wants, he’s as ruthless as any corporate raider in a killer suit. And he wants Chiara, the unforgettable woman who denied the passion sizzling between them and walked away without a backward glance. Now he has the high society princess back in his power – and he’ll risk everything to make her his.
When glamorous fashion designer Chiara Armati goes up for auction, she’s selling her company over dinner for charity. Nothing else. As bidding rises to astronomical heights, she gets nervous. Yet only when she discovers her purchaser’s identity does she realise she’s caught in a trap. She’s never stopped wanting Gennaro or forgiven his betrayal. Now she’s at his mercy – and he’s as irresistible as ever!    
BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN is on sale for just 99c at Amazon, Barnes and NobleiTunes and Smashwords.

This story features a very intense, passionate couple. It's a tale of heightened awareness and senses and I had much fun imagining their romantic midnight picnic. That lead me to wonder what an Italian man would prepare for a meal to seduce back the woman he loved. Because it was a picnic, I kept it simple, with cold snacks, like this bresaola which I tried in Cortina D'Ampezzo, in the Italian Alps - the region where the story is set. 

Italian bresaola.
But there are so many wonderful, Italian culinary treats, from pizza to cappuccino, from pasta through to cannoli, cured hams and risotto through to tiramisu. What is your favourite Italian food? I'm giving away a copy of one of my Harlequin books to someone who leaves a comment today. Check back later to see the name of the winner.

One of the best pizzas ever.
If you fancy a little bit more Italian romance in 2015, look out for my other Hot Italian Nights novellaBACK IN THE ITALIAN'S BED. 

No woman walks away from billionaire Fabrizio Armati’s bed. No woman except Jenna MacDonald. Now he’ll stop at nothing to get her back, and keep her there.

It’s love at first sight for Jenna when charismatic hotelier Fabrizio Armati sweeps her off her feet in Venice. That chance encounter sparks a sizzling affair that lasts until she discovers Fabrizio sees her as no more than a convenient, expendable mistress. Then her world falls apart.

Six months later Jenna tells herself she’s moved on. Until Fabrizio walks into a meeting to find her working for his greatest rival. She’s about to discover just how far he’ll go to get her back in his bed.

When revenge turns to passion, will surrender be on his terms, or hers?

Then on 1 February my Harlequin Presents book THE SULTAN'S HAREM BRIDE is released. Plenty of reading to start the new year!


Savannah Blaize said...

I love a good minestrone with lots of grated parmesan cheese on top. It reminds me of a special time when I was a child. I used to visit my friend's Nona, and she fed us all at her big table. I guess that is where I started with my love of Italian food.

Annie West said...

Savannah, that sounds just lovely. How terrific that you got the chance to experience authentic minestrone so early. Yum. I remember when a friend of mine dated an Italian guy and his father used to make the most wonderful gelato! She used to bring tubs of it for us because he always made so much.

franca poli said...

Well since I am Italian, I have to say I am a bit biased !! However my favorite dishes are those based on fish and pasta dishes (lasagna, ravioli stuffed with meat, risotto with seafood, spaghetti with clams .....)

franca poli said...

I forgot the sweets .... those there are a choice so wide that I would not know what to choose, but the ice cream especially in summer is what I prefer.

Annie West said...

Hi Franca, you would have such a terrific knowledge of the best of Italian food. Spaghetti with clams sounds great, though I have to say I have a real soft spot for risotto!

Annie West said...

Franca, you just brought back lovely memories of Italian ice cream. Thank you!

Anna Campbell said...

Hi Annie! Happy New Year! I just loved BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN. I hope there's more stories to come in this wonderful series! Ooh, fave Italian. That's quite difficult given how many yummies that particular country has produced. I might go old school and say lasagne. A really good home-made lasagne with lashings of cheese sauce is one of nature's miracles. Hmm, or maybe spaghetti carbonara. I wouldn't eat it in public but it's VERY delicious.

Annie West said...

Hi Anna. So glad you enjoyed BOUGHT BY THE ITALIAN. That's lovely to hear.

You're a pasta girl then. Isn't the home made pasta special? Yu-um. You've just reminded me how long it is since I've had some!

Carol L. said...

I definitely want to read this series. As for italian food it's my grandmother's cucidatti cookies and my mom's meatballs. Happy New Year.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

Michele L. said...

I love spaghetti! I can eat it morning, noon and night. Also, for a midnight snack! LOL! Actually, I like all Italian food. My husband is Italian and is a good cook. So, I got lucky!
Many blessings for a fantastic New Year!
Michele L.

Laney4 said...

Hey there, Annie! Happy New Year!
I am a veal parmesan girl at heart. Sometimes I go with the chicken parmesan instead, mind you ... but the lasagna calls my name on occasion too! Oh the choices!!!
I was a good girl at our neighbour's New Year's Eve party this year. I ate two small bowls of Weight Watchers soup (with lots of good ingredients in it), followed by 1.5 slices of banana bread for dessert. Drank 4 cups of water all night. That's it! I watched everyone else eating from the four trays of dessert squares/tarts/etc., but I retreated whenever necessary. Hopefully my weight will continue dropping, as I sure am trying my best!
All the best to you and your family (relatives, as well as your family of bloggers/readers, of course!), now in 2015 and always....

dstoutholcomb said...

my friend's mom made the best cannoli ever!

Mary Preston said...

I do love a good spag bol & make a mighty tasty one myself. No false modesty. It's a family favorite.

Annie West said...

Hi Carol,
Ooh, both those sound great!
Happy new year to you too.

Annie West said...

Thanks, Michele. And to you too. I hope you have a marvellous 2015. How wonderful to be married to a good cook - always nice. I hope he makes you lots of spaghetti.

Annie West said...

Hi Mary, that was a family favourite when I was growing up too.

Annie West said...

Hi Laney, good to see you here. The 'reply' function doesn't appear to be working which is why I'm not responding direct to your post. I'm admiring your food restraint. That must have taken some doing. You know I don't think I've had veal parmesan, but definitely lasagne - yum!

Annie West said...

dstoutholcomb - I adore cannoli. Fortunately I only eat it rarely - so very tempting!

Annie West said...

Hi everyone, and thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy time visiting Tote Bags and discussing my new release, and Italian food together was lots of fun.

As promised, I've done a random draw and the winner of an Annie West title is CAROL L! Carol, if you contact me at annie(at)annie-west(dot)com I'll organise your prize.

All the best,