Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kendall Talbot: Learning to Survive

When a small plane crashes into Australia’s Kakadu National Park, the survivors think they’re lucky to be alive, until rescuers never come.

Lost In Kakadu, winner of Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year (RUBY) offers a survival theme, fabulous Australian setting, secrets, grief, adventure, and of course a happy ending, what more could you want? Lost in Kakadu is also the only romance ever to be set in Kakadu National Park, some 20,000 hectares of virgin Australian bush.

I did many crazy things while researching this book. I hiked in our sweltering Australian bush until my blisters almost needed their own postcode. I ate witchetty grubs that I dug from my garden, not only so I could describe their weird texture and nutty flavour but also so I could see what they did when I tossed them onto a hot pan. I made slingshots with my bras and actually hit the target a few times. I sat in the bush in the pouring rain and smelt the damp leaves, listened to the raindrops filtering through the foliage and tasted tree sap straight off the bark. I also experimented with baked beans, flour, coffee and sugar until my family complained I was torturing them. You’ll have to read the book to understand why. I did many other things that had my family assessing my sanity. But it was all worth it.

My leading lady is a pretentious socialite, and learning to live in such a brutal environment takes her to shattering point. But as the weeks thread into months her Botox fades, her makeup runs out and the physical labor shapes her body into a lean sensual figure she’s proud of. As she gathers the pieces of her sanity she discovers a new woman within her who's not afraid to wield an axe or eat snails in order to survive. The pompous façade disappears and a strong, passionate and resourceful woman emerges with a wicked sense of humor and a fierce determination to live.

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Lil said...

Boy, that sounds like a heck of a steep learning curve for your heroine not to mention personal growth. What I couldn't live without is a survival guide book, what I wouldn't want to live without is an encyclopedia in case I needed to look up anything else for reference, but if neither of those items were to be available for me, I suppose a tarp for being multifunctional.

Kendall Talbot said...

Hi Lil, thank you so much for responding to my blog post and congratulations you have won a free copy of my ebook. Can you please send me an email to and I'll send you a copy of Lost In Kakadu. Thank you.